Making luminous fish (lanterns)

Making luminous fish (lanterns)is a most useful workshop for those who have their own reservoir, especially for cafes, with these luminous small lantern fish you can miraculously decorate, light up and make the reservoir fabulous.

Materials and tools:

  1. colorful plastic fish (or similar toys, you can buy in a children's store)
  2. LEDs;
  3. batteries;
  4. pieces of thin metal 2x2 cm;
  5. gum;
  6. glue gun;
  7. office knife;
  8. electrical tape.

Step 1

Take the fish and cut a small round hole with a stationery knife.

Step 2

Attach the LED to the battery with an elastic band and then wrap it around with an electrical tape to secure the connection.

Then we paste the joint to a small piece of metal, and it to the cut out round piece of plastic. For gluing use glue gun.

Step 3

Also using a hot melt glue gun, return the cut piece of plastic from the bottom of the fish to its place. Thoroughly glue the seam so that the water does not leak.

Glowing flashlight fishare ready.

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