Postcard "LoveYou"

"Love You" cardis a wonderful card to please your loved one for Valentine's Day.

Materials and tools:

  1. thick paper (or cardboard) of white and pink (red) color;
  2. paper knife (scissors);
  3. glue.

Step 1

First, we will make a template of a postcard and letters for printing in any graphic editor. Or download the finished scan from the site.

We print letters and a heart on a printer on red or pink paper. Let's take the printed letters and cut them in staggered order: letters L, V, O and heart cut letters from rectangles - we need rectangles; Letters O, E, Y, U cut the letters - you will need the letters themselves.

Step 2

After the letters are cut, take a sheet of thick paper, fold it in half and mark on one half the location of the letters. Put the letters on a postcard and begin to glue the letters to the base. It is best to use a glue stick - smear a letter and glue it to the substrate.

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