Loboda showed “naked” pregnant photo

The fans got excited.

It seems that quite recently fans of Svetlana Loboda congratulated the singer with an interesting position. And her daughter Tilde was already three months old. In honor of this event, the star shared with her fans a photo taken during pregnancy.

“How rapidly time flies ... 3 months ago, my Tilda lived in me, and I could not even imagine what she would be. Today I know the taste of her fingers and inhale the fragrant smell of each fold. I want all the women of the world to be happy in their motherhood, ”Svetlana signed in her microblog.

Photo: @lobodaofficial

“Posh photo”, the followers decided in chorus. After all, pregnancy only decorates any woman. No wonder foreign stars in an interesting position long ago removed on the covers of the most fashionable glossy magazines. And in Russia, fashion in a nude photo in a position is only gaining momentum.

Former soloist of the group "Tatu"Julia Volkovabecame a pioneer in sexual shootings while waiting for a child.In 2008, when the performer was waiting for her son, she appeared on the cover of the men's magazine MAXIM, along with colleague Lena Katina. Here are just Lena was in underwear, and Julia in the last stages of pregnancy posed only in panties.

AGluk’oZabecame the first pregnant Russian star, which took off everything. Well thenKsenia Sobchakshortly before the birth of the firstborn, she took it and undressed for the gloss cover.

Wday.ru has collected a gallery of naked and pregnant Russian stars who are not shy about posing for a photographer.

Date: 12.10.2018, 03:42 / Views: 53191

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