Live Ken has gained extra weight and now does not get out of the corset

To match the picture, the guy pulls himself even on the beach.

For the sake of a thin waist, the Brazilian Rodrigo Alves went to radical measures, removing 4 ribs at once. However, this is not the only surgical procedure that Rodrigo decided on. For 34 years, the guy already has 60 plastic surgeries, and all in order to be like a doll is to become the living embodiment of Ken. Now he, of course, assures that he regrets everything, says that he even had to change the documents in order to correspond to the new appearance.

Photo: @rodrigoalvesuk

However, the removal of the ribs does not guarantee a thin waist. Ken, who was an ordinary plump boy before his reincarnations, seemed to be gaining weight again. And now he is losing weight heavily.

“My weight loss program includes diet and exercise, as well as jogging in the morning,” Rodrigo told Instagram.

Photo: @rodrigoalvesuk

Well, so that fans do not notice the fat on the waist, Ken has to wear corsets.And not only for the publication, but just for a run. And on the eve of this, the guy surprised subscribers at all by dragging himself into a corset during roller skating.

“Enjoying a holiday in Marbella, in Spain,” Ken signed the photo.

But what pleasure is there, when even in the heat on the beach you have to pull yourself into a corset?

"And it was necessary to remove the edges?" - Subscribers grin in the comments.

Photo: @rodrigoalvesuk

By the way, Ken himself admitted that the result of the operation is visible, if only to wear a corset. And without it, even four removed ribs do not make the waist slimmer.

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