Laying tiles on walls and floors

Laying the tile is preceded by a series of preparatory processes. The initial stage is the purchase of the necessary materials. Next, you need to prepare the surface, lining the walls with plaster, followed by grinding. Upon completion of the work, it is necessary to prime the completely flat surface. Then the glue solution is prepared, during the preparation of which the proportions of water and glue must be correctly observed. The mixture is prepared using a technical mixer and with the gradual addition of dry glue. If you prepare too liquid glue, it will float down the wall, and too thick consistency can not be uniformly distributed over the wall. The tiling starts from the bottom up. The first row of tiles above the floor is laid out using wooden slats, the horizontal of which is leveled by level. To ensure that each successive row goes horizontally smooth, it is necessary to nail the vertical strips into the corners, previously aligning them with a plumb.Next, nails are hammered into the slats, and between them a strong kapron thread is pulled. With the help of this thread the horizontal display of the following rows is controlled.

Stages of wall-laying of ceramic tiles

Glue is applied to the tile using a notched trowel. Further, the tile with the glue is gently pressed to the wall, observing the thickness of the gap of 2-4 mm. The use of dividing crosses simplifies control over the gaps, the task of which, with thermal expansion, is to prevent the tile from peeling off. To ensure that the tiles are perfectly flat, the level must be used in the work. Tile cutting is needed to cut the tiles. Not an experienced person to work with tile cutter will be quite difficult. Therefore, to simplify the task, you can use the grinder or pliers. It is recommended to hide a tile with a cut edge under furniture or fittings.

Floor display of ceramic tiles

It is recommended to start laying tiles on the floor from the far corner towards the door by marking the floor with threads. Flatness is controlled by level. After the completion of the laying work, it is necessary to clean the surface of the tile from particles of glue and do the grouting. For this case, a rubber spatula is needed.When choosing a grout it is better not to save on the material, because the quality of the grouting material will determine the appearance of the installation as a whole. Its color does not need to be tied to the tone of the tile, but this is already a matter of taste.

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