Knitted Easter decor: beautiful holiday ideas

Knitted Easter decor is used for festive interior decoration, table decoration, as an Easter gift for guests, as a souvenir.

For the manufacture of knitted eggs using fine natural yarn. In order to keep starch knitted eggs in shape, they are put on an egg-shaped pig. It can be a wooden or foam (polystyrene) egg, an egg-shaped balloon or a natural boiled egg. The easiest way to work with a balloon. The ball is tied, the linen is covered with glue or other means, dried. Then the ball is pierced and pulled through the hole of the crocheted egg.

Small crocheted eggs consist of two sewn halves. The halves of starch, pull on the egg, fix with pins and dry. Then take out the pig and sew. Knitted eggs can be decorated with knitted flowers, beads, rhinestones, satin ribbon.

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