Knit knitting funny animals - bunnies and seals

Materials and tools:

  1. knitting needles;
  2. yarn;
  3. tags.

Knitting description

Increment: from one loop we knit two, behind the back and front walls.

Turn off: two loops together face.

Knit the body: head + torso.

Kitty knits upwards.

Gather 12 loops (3 loops on each spoke).  

If it is very difficult to start with such a small number of loops, you can dial 18 loops, i.e. start with 3 rows. Then the hole is still tightened and not visible.

1 row: 12 face loops;

2 row: 1 front loop, 1 increase (18 loops);

3 row: 18 face loops;

4 row: 2 front, 1 increase (24 loops);

5 row: 24 face loops.

6 row: 3 facial, 1 increase (30 loops);

7 row: 30 face loops;

8 row: 4 facial, gain (36 loops);

9 row: 36 face loops;

We distribute the loops evenly, with 9 loops on the knitting needle to make it more comfortable to knit. Do not forget to mark the beginning, as when crocheting in a spiral.

10-25 rows: facial;

We begin to form the neck, for this we do the downs.

On each spoke we knit the front two first and two last loops together.

26 row: (28 loops);

27 row: 28 face loops;

28 row: (20 loops);

29 row: 20 face loops;

Getting the head start up.

30 row: we increase on the 3rd, 8th, 13th and 18th loops (i.e., we knit two out of one loop) (24 loops);

31 row: 24 face loops;

32 row: 3 facial, 1 increase (30 loops);

33 row: 30 face loops;

34 row: 4 facial, 1 increase (36 loops);

35 row: 36 face loops;

36-46 rows: facial loops;

Getting our head down:

47 series and all subsequent ones we knit 2 first loops together, until 1 loop on each spoke. With a hook we pull a thread through the loops and tighten the hole.

The body is ready.

We fill the carcass through the bottom hole and tighten it with a string. We thread a needle into the needle and pull it through the loops on the neck. We are tying, tying and hiding the knot with the tips inside.

Knit legs 4 pcs.

We collect 6 loops on the spokes and knit 15 rows and close the loops. On the pads, we collect the inlaid edge on a string, we tighten and sew the paws along. Sew on the torso.

On the basis of this preparation, you can associate any beast: a cat, a hare, a tiger, a lion, a bear.

Knit the tail

We collect 6 loops and knit 20 rows with facial. Sew as foot. Sew tail to torso.

We knit your ears

Knit 2 squares. We collect 6 loops and knit several rows depending on the yarn and knitting density (7 rows).

The resulting square is folded diagonally and stitched. It turns out a triangle - ear. Sew the ears to the appropriate place.

The decoration of the face, clothes for the animal - your fantasy will tell you.

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