Kitchen interior: which design option to choose

Classic Kitchen

The classic style has many advantages, but the main thing is that it does not go out of fashion, it is unobtrusive and restrained, so the kitchen in a classical style does not have to be redone a short time after the repair. The classic interior is distinguished by reliability and functionality, as a rule, all the details are thought out in it, and the room is rationally organized.

Country Style Kitchen

Country in the interior every year is becoming more popular. This is a rustic style, similar to the classic use of natural materials and shades, only the furniture is best to choose with the effect of aging. In the interior in the style of country most often dominated by wood, but you can dilute it with stone, marble. Characteristic are patchwork rugs, linen curtains, dishes made of wood and clay. It should be borne in mind that country-style kitchens love space, so for small rooms this style is best not to use.

High-tech style kitchen interior

The main characteristics of this style are a large amount of metal and glass. Technique should be as modern as possible. The high-tech kitchen, as a rule, is sustained in two colors - one should dominate, and the other should be a contrast.

Provence style kitchen

Provence is the embodiment of comfort and warmth. In the design of the kitchen, be sure to use the bright colors. As a decor, weightless curtains, earthenware or chinaware are used. Tables, cabinets and chairs are mostly wooden, but with a little metal or glass added.

Art Deco Kitchen

Art Deco is considered an expensive style, because the decoration can be used expensive materials - semi-precious stones, leather and even ivory. The interior in the style of Art Deco contains patterns, shapes and inlay. The range of colors is rich and rich: purple, velvet red, gold, blue or white - these are the most commonly used shades.

Modern kitchen

The Art Nouveau style is practicality, convenience and the absence of superfluous details. The color range is varied, special attention is paid to lighting - most often used spot light or built-in lights. Household appliances must be built.

Ethno style kitchen

A convenient option for interior design, since ethno reflects the culture and lifestyle of any people. Most often, an ethno-style kitchen can be framed in Chinese, Japanese, Scandinavian, Moroccan or European style, so everyone will find a closer version in which to feel as comfortable as possible.

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