Kemerovchanin got on the show "I want to Meladze"

Kemerovo Vladislav Ramm came down from heaven to Vera Brezhnev and went to the second round of the show "I want to Meladze."
Vladislav Ramm performed the song “Gentle” at the qualifying round
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New season on television confirms: Kuzbass is rich in talents! First, Marina Kravchenko and Alexander Abapolov went to the “DANCES” project, then Sergey Onishchenko from Novokuznetsk joined the team of Alexander Gradsky in the show “The Voice”. And here again our guys declared themselves - in the project “I want to Meladze” a participant from Kemerovo appeared. 18-year-old Vladislav Ramm effectively appeared in front of leading Vera Brezhnev, descending from the roof of a building on a huge bunch of balloons.

“This is my most reckless act in life, but you are worth it,” admitted Vladislav, presenting a bouquet of cream roses to Vera.

However, Vladislav made no less impression on the female half of the jury - Anna Sedokova, Polina Gagarina and Eva Polna. The girls' delight was overshadowed by the second show host, Igor Vernik, who made Vladislav admit that he was married.

- I am happy, I love my wife, she is 18 years old.We met at the cafe, ”said Ramm.

When Vernik was asked whether he was ready for the fact that show business and personal life were rarely compatible, Vladislav answered in the affirmative - he knows exactly what he wants and is ready for that.

How will the musical career of Vladislav Ranma, we learn in the second round of the show. In the meantime, we congratulate him on his first victory and wish him good luck.


Producer Konstantin Meladze decided to repeat the success of his first musical project “I want to be in the VIA Gro” and announced the search for candidates for the boy group. The main requirements for candidates are to possess outstanding talent and charisma.

The transforming stage where the participants perform is separated by a wall. According to the rules of the show, only the female half of the judges can see the contestant - they are wearing headphones and evaluate with their eyes. And for the voice are responsible men who are on the other side of the wall and do not see the applicant. If three of the six judges press their lever, the wall will turn and the contestant will have the opportunity to hear the verdict of Konstantin Meladze. In the second round, the guys will be divided into teams. On their own, they will have to prepare a musical number. Only two of the strongest boy bands will make it to the finals.The audience will decide by vote which team is worthy of a contract with Meladze.

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