Joint disease: ankylosis

There are two stages of the disease.The first is joint stiffness,which can be prevented or stopped. The second is complete immobility of the joint, which cannot be returned.

Types of ankylosis

Ankylosis can manifest itself as an intergrowth of bone or connective tissue. It can also be complete and incomplete - depending on the joint splicing. And the spliced ​​joint itself can become comfortable and uncomfortable, depending on the position of the accretion.

What happens during a disease with a joint?

Anakylosing occurs in several stages, which can be distinguished by symptoms. At the very beginning, a person feels a strong pain in the joint in the morning and in the evening in the place that grows together. The joint at this time of day is very swollen, sore and produces a large amount of heat. After that, the pain disappears, and the joint is completely fused and no longer causes pain, because it becomes completely deformed.


The most basic symptom of the disease is complete or partial immobility of the affected joint.If ankylosis develops in a sitting position, then the person will no longer be able to move on two limbs normally, and if the joint grows in an even position, then it will be impossible to bend the leg later.

Causes of illness

Ankylosis is usually caused by severe injuries of the limbs, which then pass, but leave a trace behind them. Also, arthritis and suppurative processes can become the foundation for the formation of ankylosis.


To cure ankylosis, you need to consult a doctor who will prescribe physiotherapy, massage, therapy and medication. But if the situation is too serious, then an accrete joint can be replaced with a prosthesis that will perform a small part of its functions.

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