Is there a chance for a single mom for privacy?

It is very difficult to navigate in the living space after a divorce and with the presence of a child. It is unclear where to rush - to work, to find a new partner or still devote himself to the child, providing him with absolute emotional security. But it is best to stop creating panic on the ship and think constructively about everything step by step.

The main thing that needs to be learned precisely: personal life must be. In general, turning into a supermouth driven by debt and guilt is the most ungrateful thing. Most likely, it will not be better for anyone, but an adult child will find something to reproach you with. You can turn inside out, portraying double care and love, but why run away from you to distant lands? So it is not far to depression. The most useful thing to try is to get yourself and your head in order. Turn on the imagination and imagine how your baby sees you. Happy, happy and cheerful, or still doing your duty with an eternally tired look.Any psychologist will remind you that quality is not important for a child. Even a total of three hours a day, with genuinely involved attention to its activities, is much more useful than a good cohabitation with your detached thoughts. Therefore, do not reproach yourself, but do your favorite things. Any mother is the best manager in the world. Make your schedule, keeping a balance between everything that is present in your life. Want to run? Run. Perhaps the "fault" of the lack of sports is not a child, but laziness? Want to go on a weekend in another city? Do not wait for the right age of the baby, you will not wait for him. Because the child needs a mother in principle. But you do not have any ban on a small vacation: you are an adult and deserve a rest.

Is there a chance for a single mom for privacy?

New foreign language? And it is possible, there would be a desire. In general, the latter is the key point of this topic. Determining what you really want is almost impossible, but ... it only seems that way. Do not look at your every desire through the prism of a child, he has nothing to do with it. Slow down, you grow it, you are definitely a mom.But it is important here - what is with the husband, what without - do not forget about our development, growth, personal comfort and happiness, which depends only on ourselves. The child is watching you, rejoicing at your little victories just as you did his first steps or a beautifully constructed proposal.

In general, the meaning of all these lyrics: the happiness of the baby depends on your happiness, so think about building a personal space in which you will be very good and where you can let your beloved offspring

So, what about personal life? Again, determined with desires. Ask yourself what you want at the moment: relationship, easy affair or freedom? Do not forget that the above-mentioned feeling of guilt interferes with any love process. It is quite clear that you are seeking to take into account the interests of a son or daughter, but do not shift the concept - look for a man for yourself, and not a “father” for your children. Any negative attitudes like “I will never make a private life again” harm you even more than it seems. And if these messages are addressed to you by relatives (and this happens), then do not take it to heart. Stable Soviet thinking is useless to analyze. In the end, you breathe completely different air.You are responsible for yourself and for your mistakes yourself - what else can be more beautiful?

Is there a chance for a single mom for privacy?

Many girls who find themselves in the status of a single mother, as a result, turn all the minuses into pluses. No boyfriend? But you are always in good shape and, most likely, look after yourself better than many married, relaxed women. Material difficulties can easily become an excellent motivation for self-development: someone goes to refresher courses, someone finds a new high-paying job or takes freelancing. When all is well and the flow itself, the desire to move forward is most often absent. We look to others while enjoying our own comfort zone. But the new conditions turn everything upside down - and now we are already able to rely on ourselves, rejoice in trifles and wiser to spend money.

Where are single mothers looking for a dream man? Most likely, confident and morally seasoned mothers should not look for anyone at all. But to be alert is a very nice idea.

No wonder they say that only in harmony and calm mood we attract pleasant and non-destructive meetings. There is more good news.The kid is not a barrier at all, but a real filter that saves us from unnecessary characters. Only internally grown-ups and men who are really interested in you will not even doubt their relationship with you. And the rest do not have to waste time.

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