Is it possible to wash a leather jacket?

Roman Zhdanov
Roman Zhdanov
December 24, 2012
Is it possible to wash a leather jacket?

In the wardrobe of almost every person there is a leather thing. Most often - this is a jacket. Quite predictable question - is it possible to wash a leather jacket? In general, the answer largely depends on the quality of your leather product. If, for example, the jacket is really leather and of high quality, then it will quite normally transfer no washing.

But to identify a quality product is not so simple. There are very few people who can correctly identify real leather products. And the fact that your jacket is worth exactly as much as you earned in a year is not at all an indicator. Perhaps you just helped someone to sell a product of inadequate quality.

Let's return to our topic - how to wash a leather jacket. If you are sure that the jacket is real, then you can try to lock it in cold water, without rubbing and squeezing. Such a procedure can even transfer a good fake. And if you are unlucky, your jacket will turn into a worthless thing.

Another option - special cleansers for the skin.With which you can remove contamination from the product.

The best option is to clean the jacket in dry cleaning. Such a procedure is tolerated even by medium quality leather jackets. Of course, the most low-quality products lose their attractive appearance, but still they can be worn after that, they, in any case, will not suffer a streak.

Advice - do not risk and take an owl leather product in a dry-cleaner to professionals of the business. In this case, if the jacket comes in an unsuitable state, you will be able to file a claim and receive monetary compensation. But the choice is yours!

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