Interior in the style of boho: features, attributes and colors

Boho - one of the most unusual styles of interior design. He does not have certain rules and canons. There are only supposed colors and some vague ideas about this style.

Distinctive featureboho is the possibility of self-expression and reflection of the character of the owner of the room, because this style of design is almost entirely built on improvisation.

Boho is ideal for creative, extraordinary people who like to experiment. This style of decoration is filled with flowers, and it is because of the extravaganza of colors that the style of the Boho is not to everyone's liking, because not everyone is able to feel comfort and comfort in such a heaped room.

The advantage of this style over other- is the ability to combine different colors, materials, decor, furniture, paintings, etc. Vintage and ethnic motifs are quite harmoniously combined with handmade.Handmade is a peculiar highlight, with the help of which a person can express himself and put a part of his soul into the interior of his home.

The main attributes of the style of boho

Textile- an integral part of this style, because boho is characterized by a large number of decor, which is often used in abundance. In the design of this style must be present a large number of pillows, bedspreads, covers for furniture, rugs and rugs. In this case, an ethnic print on any kind of décor, including textile, is more than appropriate.

Boho fit perfectlyfurniturefrom wood of neutral shades. It can be either exquisite vintage or more modern furniture. Very interesting will look furniture, made in a rude style, the most natural and natural. This simple and discreet furniture will be beneficial to dilute the rest of the heavyweight interior.

Plantsorganically enter into the overall design, making it lively, cozier and more interesting.

Color spectrum

The colors are bright and saturated, but along with the general colorful atmosphere there should be less distinguished parts of the interior, they dilute the overall impression, making the room cozy and comfortable visually. That is why the overall color scheme is quite controversial.

Actual colors for boho: red, orange, pink, white, milky, blue, peach, yellow, natural shades of light wood.

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