Incredible functional and compact furniture

The company produces modules of highly functional furniture, which should ensure a comfortable life for the owner of a small apartment or house. The manufacturer relies on minimalism and high technology. The company was founded in Milan in 2008 by Roland Landsberg and Tano Marcello. The main idea was to use in the design of the achievements of science, including the choice of materials. The company offers both items for the mass user, and a premium collection of unique materials. Such furniture can be equipped as an apartment with small rooms, and a spacious studio.

Residential unit

This unit includes a comfortable bed for two, smart lighting on the remote control and a roomy storage system.

Home Office

The module for mass sale is equipped with everything necessary for working at home. You can sit in a makeshift chair with a laptop or install a desktop computer on a sliding table.All necessary books and documents are easy to place in spacious closed boxes.

Place to relax with friends

From this module you can lay out a comfortable sofa for a small company and a coffee table. You can leave a chair for one person. The second option is a large dining table with a folding table top.

Home cinema

A widescreen TV is complemented by a high-tech audio system, BluRay players and DVD players.

Cooking food

There is all the necessary equipment, which can be found in an ordinary kitchen. The module takes up minimal space and includes a sink, storage system, a refrigerator and a compartment for separate garbage collection. The system has motion sensors, and no module will close while the person is running.

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