In fact: underwear from Emilia Vishnevskaya

Emilia Vishnevskaya, the model who created the first Russian handmade underwear brand, told in an exclusive interview with Woman’s Day how to build a successful fashion business in Russia.

“The idea to create your own brand of linen appeared long ago. I often caught myself thinking that, buying linen, I clearly realize that it can be improved. ”

How it all began

Emilia Vishnevskaya, founder of the brand Emivi
Emilia Vishnevskaya, founder of the brand Emivi
Photo: Emivi press service

“In the underwear fashion, synthetic materials still run the show with zigzag stitching, designers are experimenting with color and shape, but are guided solely by running dimensions. Understanding of many of these factors formed the basis of the brand's philosophy, and by the time I decided to implement the project, an impressive collection of ideas and more than one notebook of sketches had already gathered, which served as the basis for the debut collection.

The brand appeared in 2011 and debuted at Russian Fashion Week. A collection, a concept and even a brand name were created specifically for the show (short for Emilia Vishnevskaya).When there is a goal, we are capable of much, and in my case, when the whole process from the sketch to the finished product took a matter of days, this is confirmed. Labor-intensive cutting and tailoring helped organize the workshop, where I usually sew clothes for myself.

My grandmother helped me to select sketches for the first collection, which always supported me in my endeavor to create a linen brand. The first clients and first contracts appeared immediately after the fashion week show - all this served as an excellent incentive for the further development of the brand. ”

“Thanks to the first education“ international relations ”, I was able to feel free at negotiations even in a foreign language, which certainly helped to quickly find a common language with international partners of the brand. It was possible to agree on cooperation with companies producing the best fabrics and accessories.

Education in the field of design and construction of linen was obtained thanks to private lessons from the designers of linen. The EMIVI brand's patterns are painstaking and long-lasting labor, but thanks to them the linen of a brand of any size and for a very different type of figure sits perfectly. ”

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