If you want to save time and money, do not cook pasta in boiling water!

  • Anonymous

    In such a pan is not nice to cook.

  • Anonymous

    Well, here's another bad guy! And what's new here? So many people pour pasta with cold water and then they are boiled as usual, water is drained for soup or sauce, and any oil grows into pasta so that it does not stick together and like that)))

  • Anonymous

    I thought they would offer to cook pasta with hot tap water =)))))

  • Irina

    I never thought that you can cook pasta somehow differently than before. And in a campaign earlier, remember, in a pot you cook pasta, there are Chinese stews, and you fry everything for a sweet soul - without sauces and pans

  • Anonymous

    The water in the pan, after normal pasta turn into a paste. Pasta love a lot of water.

  • Irina


  • Irina

    Nonsense - pasta love water

  • always cook like that and never stuck together

  • In boiling water and 5 minutes for the eyes, it is not worth watered with oil, the less digestible the carbohydrate the better for the body

  • SanSanych

    They say that it is faster ... but where to rush? .. gain will be 3-5 minutes. In general, they do not do a good thing quickly ...

  • Svetlana

    Fry pasta in cl. oil While they are pulled out in a separate bowl. Add a little oil, heat, fry onions, add carrots, and save. If desired, you can fry tomatoes in the same place, and everything that you want. Put the deferred macaroni into this roast, add water, 2 fingers above the pasta. Salt, pepper, cook until the pasta is ready.
    I have known this recipe since childhood. And it is delicious!

    • Anonymous

      Thank you!

    • Vladimir

      That's better!

  • Anonymous

    Svetlana, thanks for the original recipe)

  • I have also known for a long time that it is necessary to fry macaroni in vegetable oil until golden brown, then pour boiling water on it, salt and cook until ready. If there is too much water, you can open the lid and it will quickly vvparitsya. It turns out tastier than just cook.

  • http: // mail / enValentine

    So pasta or pasta? Or pasta stuck together in pasta? It is not clear. Or pasta from pasta is obtained when you boil it?

  • Anonymous

    The author is an asshole and a dolbo!

  • Similar tips = full slag! Pasta should be boiled in a large amount of salted boiling water with a drop of vegetable oil and strictly allotted time. Everything else is for fools.

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