Ideas for a small and stylish kitchen

A small kitchen can be surprisingly cozy and modern! As proof, we present you the options of kitchens made in a wide variety of styles - from luxurious classic to eccentric vintage.

1. Almost Versailles classics in modern design

Classic neutral tones in the kitchen.

Traditional classic set and painted walls in neutral beige tones create a calm and cozy atmosphere. A long mint-colored curtain, fashionable silver chandelier and modern transparent elegant chairs bring elegance and lightness to the interior.

2. Modern kitchen equipment in a vintage frame

Extravagant solution.

Despite the fact that the interior uses a profiled sheet for finishing the wall, and the rustic-style kitchen cabinets are multi-colored, there are modern kitchen appliances and a classical volumetric ceramic sink for maximum comfort. The purest whiteness of the floor and light Roman curtains give the room a feeling of free space, as if fresh, rural air is walking here.

3. Breeze on the Cote d'Azur

Blue kitchen set in a frame of wood shades.

This kitchen combines the colors that you see on the sun-drenched sandy beach. The lamp in the shape of a shell and a curly fern in a wicker basket complete the image of a cozy seaside residence.

4. Brick wall accent

Loft style in a small kitchen.

The imitation of the brickwork frames the window in warm titanium shades in the kitchen with a white finish and a suite. A white lacquered table and black details in the form of chairs and a large wall clock with a large dial are fashionable details of a modern interior.

5. Luxurious fuchsia

The original set of small kitchen.

The choice of the original and rich fuchsia color is complemented by silver handles on the headset. A dark-lacquered round table and classic-shaped chairs complement the bright and elegant kitchen interior.

6. Silver brevity

Mirror purity, boiled white for lovers of modern style. The modern kitchen set of the purest white is accentuated by an accent mirror wall and an alder color floor covering.

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7. Aristocratic simplicity

Warm wood tones and white kitchen cabinets for a cozy kitchen.

The laconic whiteness of the kitchen set emphasizes the natural beauty of wood in the decoration of the walls and ceiling. Comfortable chairs, soft lighting above the table and long curtains of neutral gray help to create a calm, comfortable atmosphere in this kitchen.

8. Scandinavian style

Convenience and simplicity in the kitchen interior.

White kitchen cabinets, natural wood countertops create an absolutely informal atmosphere. The motley curtain and the golden lamp give this kitchen a sloppy chic.

9. Bright kitchen with an accent wall

Light reflecting kitchen

In this standard kitchen, there are no curtains on the windows. All the furniture in the room: a brilliant polished marble top, white lacquered kitchen set and silver wallpaper on the wall - like a mirror, reflects the daylight. From this kitchen looks elegant and spacious, and very cozy.

10. Bright colors of lemon and velvet plum.

Energetic and elegant atmosphere in the kitchen

Painted in neutral beige color, the walls visually expand a small space. Exquisite bright colors of lacquered furniture and accentwalls, colorful ornaments of Portuguese ceramics on the floor uplifting.

11. Terracotta print

Unusual wallpaper on the accent wall

A metal apron and wallpaper on a brick-colored wall with white contours of a fancy flower, or grapefruit, create a dynamic modern atmosphere for the kitchen-office.

12. Elegant kitchen in cream colors

No unnecessary details.

Charming kitchen with a small dining area. White lacquered kitchen cabinets without protruding handles do not impede movement in a small space. A small family can comfortably sit behind a smooth, steady dining table on one leg.

13. Colors of spring

Rich colors of meadow flowers and green grass in a small stylish kitchen.

The kitchen set, combining light wood and the color of juicy green grass, is artfully complemented by bright floral wallpaper.

14. Rustic style

Rustic style

A brick wall and a bar counter made of chopped logs create a warm, rustic atmosphere in this small, modern room equipped with kitchen utensils.

15. Ultra modern kitchen

Smooth futuristic lines in the bright kitchen.

White kitchen set with rounded corners gently rounds a small dining space. On a green couch and a pair of comfortable black chairs, a small family can comfortably sit around a round table.

16. In the style of a French cafe

The favorite color combination of Parisians is black and white.

Contrast tiles on the floor, small geometric print on the wallpaper and white kitchen set in this kitchen harmoniously in harmony. The kitchen looks fresh and elegant.

17. Ship topics

"All hands on deck! Breakfast is ready"

In this small kitchen in the city high-rise building you will feel yourself on your own ship or yacht. Here, the colors of the sea wave and the mast tree, white ship paint are harmoniously and easily combined. An elegant addition - lamps on thick ropes.

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