Hypoallergenic dog - the best gift or money to the wind

The child has an allergy, but he tearfully pleads to buy a pet. Of course, the parental heart will falter. Suddenly it really turns out to make a real miracle for the New Year?

“I will buy Tim a dog for the New Year,” my friend Katya decisively declares. “How so? He's allergic. Cured? ”- genuinely puzzled. Katya is not at all like a mother who will expose her child to even a ghostly danger.

“They haven’t cured yet ... But they found a hypoallergenic dog!” - Katya triumphantly announces.

What is this miracle is a hypoallergenic dog? These generally happen? Maybe they mean those who have no wool?

child is allergic to a dog
The love of children for animals is truly unlimited.
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Dog like a miracle

“Allergy is not caused by dog ​​hair, as is commonly believed, but protein, which is found in the skin, saliva and urine of the dog,” explains immunologist Xenia Black. “Therefore, it is naive to assume that a bare dog will not cause allergies.”

However, there is also intolerance of wool. But this is an individual feature of the child. Intolerance can be caused by a particular breed of dog. Or even one particular animal.

So what happens, all this talk about dogs that get along well with allergies in the same house is just a fiction?

“An absolute, absolutely hypoallergenic dog breed really does not exist,” confirms our fears, the veterinarian Ilya Igumnov. “But there are some that cause allergies less often.”

These breeds include dogs without fry - they have reduced salivation. In addition, hypoallergenic dogs do not have dandruff, and they practically do not shed. Bonus - from dogs of such breeds does not smell of dog. A minus - for their wool very careful care is necessary, otherwise the dog will be covered with mats. Here are the 10 most popular of these breeds.

1. Bichon Frize - small, fluffy and very glamorous.

2. Schnauzer - this breed has three varieties. The small ones are miniature schnauzers, the middle ones are mittelschnauzers, the large ones are Riesenschnauzers.

3. The Irish water spaniel is the largest among the spaniels, curly and very intelligent.

4.Maltese, or Maltese lapdog - small as a cat.

5. Yorkshire terriers are tiny funny doggies with which bows go.

6. Pomeranian Spitz - the smallest of the Spitz family. His main job is to cause affection.

7. Poodles of all sizes - such dogs are prescribed to asthmatics.

8. Shih Tzu - love children very much, play with them with pleasure.

9. Samoyed - despite fluffiness, almost does not fade and never suffers from dandruff.

10. Bullets - Hungarian shepherd shepherd, the same dog with dreadlocks, who lives with Mark Zuckerberg.

allergy free dogs
Puli, Mark Zuckerberg's dog, is considered hypoallergenic
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Warned - Armed

“Despite the hypoallergenic reputation of these dogs, it’s better to get to know them better before buying. That is, we need direct contact with the animal, ”warns Ilya Igumnov.

In addition, you need to follow some precautions when the dog has already appeared in the house:

- limit the child's communication with the pet. And it is better to let the baby’s bedroom be a “clean” zone where the dog cannot go;

- do not allow the dog to lick the child;

- wash your pet once or twice a week, at least;

- daily wet cleaning;

- the smaller the dog, the less allergens;

- Ensure that the child is washing his hands after each contact with the animal.

And one more thing - children often outgrow their allergies to animals: their immune systems become stronger with age. In addition, experts say that animals are able to treat children for asthma. With moderate contact with the allergen, the body learns to react to it, and then completely transfers the reaction. However, it is better not to conduct such experiments. After all, there are animals on which allergies occur extremely rarely - for example, chinchillas or turtles.

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