Hugh Grant and the women who still love him

Today, the celebrity actor is 58 years old. Yes, he has aged a bit, and a mesh of wrinkles appeared in his ever-laughing blue eyes, which drove more than a dozen beauties. This year was significant for Hugh, because the eternal bachelor, surprised everyone and got married for the first time. We remember the beauties that the Hollywood ladies' man once broke hearts.

It's funny that at school he didn’t like girls who thought he was too pretty. Later, they will sigh sadly about their blunder and begin to write enthusiastic letters to a star classmate. Solid and prosperous parents did not even suspect that a mischievous son would fly out of the family nest, who, disdaining all sciences (he left the famous Oxford), would be served as pretend. And somehow at ease, in the breaks associated with numerous love stories, will achieve incredible success in the creative field. Hugh will receive the Golden Globe and other prestigious film awards.And his permanent image of a romantic hero, according to which millions of spectators will dry up from the passion, will become for the directors a symbol of good luck and success in renting the film. “I don’t care about creativity in general,” Hugh Grant once confessed with a firm smile. “But it's nice to catch admiring glances of girls who are ready for everything just because they saw my pretty face in a pair of Hollywood films.” Ready to all were the most beautiful women in the world who gave their love to the Hollywood ladies' man. But we will name only the brightest of them, who once had a rather long relationship with Hugh.

Elizabeth Hurley

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It was a gorgeous couple, admiring and envious of Hollywood. The fatal beauty of Elizabeth, whose sexual forms could arouse even respectable elders, and slender, blue-eyed, irresistible Hugh met for thirteen years. This union was distinguished not only by mutual passion and tender care for each other. Liz, who has a rare beauty, was also very clever and farsighted. And it can be said with confidence that due to the frivolous successful actor whom she sincerely loved, she made herself a successful career.She even forgave him a betrayal associated with a scandal when the police caught Hugh with a prostitute. However, after five years, Liz and Hugh broke up. At parting, the star duvelas remained faithful to his gentlemanly principle: never offend his beloved women. In memory of his past relationships, covered with extraordinary passion, he left Elizabeth a luxurious house in London. And later, even became the godfather of his son Hurley - Damian.

Sandra bullock

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He got to the point, perhaps, forcing Amur himself to blush with shame when he said about the beginning of a romance with a Hollywood star: “She must be in love with me.” “Love with the notice” came to Sandra on the set of the film with that name. The actresses were so fascinated by charming Hugh that she could not even imagine a day without his company. However, amorous Grant also tried to be constantly with her. However, the novel did not receive a continuation: the frequent quarrels between the actors somehow quietly put out the light of the senses. And we can say that one of the last meetings of Hugh and Sandra was at the Oscars award ceremony, where a brilliant couple caused a lot of talk.

Jemima Khan

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And what was Hugh missing? Jemima, a famous socialite, a fabulously rich woman, threw her heart, figuratively speaking, at his feet, forgetting everything. And the beginning of this love story was like Shakespearean plots. Mysterious and romantic Italy, Venice, the famous canal through which the gondola slid, where Hugh and Jemima sat in an embrace, kisses under the moon - in a similar spirit the relationship lasted three years. While practical, Khan, slightly tired of her feelings, did not talk about the upcoming wedding. And here the star Briton suddenly bucked up: marriage for him always meant a golden cage, from which one would never fly free. In a soft and delicate way, he made it clear to Jemima that he would never sacrifice his principles. And once a romantic dinner in a London restaurant turned out to be a place for noisy disassembly. The indignant socialite, having waited for a dessert, started a scandal and declared a final break in relations.

Tinglan Hong

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Crushing along the frivolous life of the hearts of women, Hugh unexpectedly became a father. A love affair with charming Chinese actress Tinglan Hong, figuratively speaking, gave its fruits.She gave birth to a star actor daughter. Everyone awaited with interest the reaction of Hugh Grant, as the fire was afraid of family relationships. And he again surprised the audience, saying that he was very happy with this event, that he would give his last name to Tabitha’s daughter, and pledged to help her with everything. A year later, Tinglan presented Grant with another son, Felix. There was no limit to the happiness of the eternal bachelor: as a present, he presented the mother of his children with a luxurious mansion in London. Tinglan Khong herself, despite Hugh’s windy temper, maintained a warm relationship with him. Apparently, in her heart the Chinese woman still continues to love the star dancer.

Anna Eberstein

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Walking like the wind in the field, Hugh reached the Swedish TV producer Anna Eberstein - a spectacular and beautiful woman. And it turned out that the unruly heartbreaker met at the same time with Anna and Tinglan. During this time, the Swede gave birth to a son to Hugh Grant, who was named John Mungo. A little later, Anna gave the Hollywood actor a daughter - a charming baby. It should be noted that she never arranged scenes of jealousy Hugh, knowing full well about his novels on the side. Anna treated them with light irony and simply loved this good-for-nothing, but charming and unselfish man.

Nobody believed that this would happen, but this year the main bachelor married at the age of 57 years. Plus, the actor did a shocking admit: “Yes, I was wrong. And I will not pretend that it is not. We had to do it before. But still I'm lucky now. This lucky one. I have a beautiful wife and I love her very much. "

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