How to weave a pigtail fishtail

I love this pigtail because it seems to me more interesting than a regular braid, while it is not much more difficult to weave it. I will show you the traditional method of braiding a fishtail pigtail.

Pigtail fishtail

Stage 1: Getting Started

Preparation for weaving pigtails

We split the hair in half

Of course a pigtail looks better if you have long hair, but this is not at all necessary. For this hairstyle you will not need any additional materials or special combs.

We start with the separation of hair as in the photo.

Stage 2: Start Weaving

Hair separation

Pigtail weave fishtail

Pigtail weave fishtail

Pigtail weave fishtail

Pigtail weave fishtail

* In this type of hair, as in all pigtails, you simply alternate between different parts of the hair. You can take a different number of strands, depending on the appearance of which you want to achieve. The more strands involved in weaving, the shorter the spit will turn out and the smaller, the longer.

  1. We divide the hair into two strands of "red" and "yellow"
  2. Start by grabbing a small strand of “blue” hair from the outer right side (next to the “yellow” strand)
  3. We put the "blue" strand on top of the "yellow" strand, passing it down between two adjacent locks ("yellow" and "red").Next, skip the “blue” curl under the “red” so that it comes out on the left side of the “red” curl.
  4. Repeat the same on the left side. We impose a “green” strand on the left outer side over the “red” and “blue”, lower it down and skip under the “yellow” curl so as to release this strand outwards on the right side of the “yellow” curl.
  5. It should turn out that the "red" and "blue" curls on the one hand, and the "yellow" and "green" on the other.

Stage 3: Continue Weaving

We continue to weave

We continue to weave a pigtail

We continue to weave a pigtail

We continue to weave a pigtail

We continue to weave a pigtail. Fish tail can be made tight or free, it depends only on your desire. I recommend experimenting with this.

When you get to the end, tie the curls together.

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