How to wash grease stains: all the ways?


We all love to eat tasty food, but this often causes grease stains on clothes. Today there are so many modern tools that should eliminate all types of pollution, but in reality this is not always the case. How to get rid of fat stains on your favorite thing?

Housewives are well known for a variety of ways to eliminate greasy stains. And among them washing powder is far from the first place. Spots are easily eliminated by household remedies. Consider what it means and how to use them.

How to wash grease stains: all the ways?

How to remove a fresh greasy stain

At first we will understand how to remove a fresh fat stain from the fabric. It is known that such grease contamination is eliminated more easily. If during the lunch you accidentally created pollution on clothes, then do not throw it into the machine, but proceed to its removal in order to stop its absorption. Remember that the older the fat spots, the harder it is to display them:


First, mention the tools that are perfectly struggling with fat. Among them are marked means for dishes.If you put a stain, then immediately take off your clothes, go to the kitchen and arm yourself with detergent. Apply it to the pollution and add a little warm water. After half an hour, remove the item and wash it.

Of course, such tools are designed for other purposes, but since they are capable of removing fat, it is worth trying this action on clothing. Dishwashing tools do an excellent job with different types of fat stains quite effectively.

When using any of the detergents, it is important to test the effect on the material in an inconspicuous area.

If the detergent is not too high quality, then its effectiveness is enhanced by the addition of soda. Mix it with dishware and grease the stains. Leave for a quarter of an hour and wash.


This method is quite aggressive, because ammonia is applied. And in order to be sure of the safety of this method, it is required to check the effect of alcohol on an imperceptible area of ​​material. This applies to all types of fabrics. If the test is completed without loss, grease the spot with alcohol and leave it for a quarter of an hour. After that, the item is washed in the usual way, but with the addition of a small amount of ammonia.

The ammonia spell perfectly removes stains from wax or paraffin even on delicate fabric. But remember its unpleasant smell, because when you work the room should be ventilated.


If there is a shampoo for oily hair at home, it will help in removing stains on clothes. Grease the spots and let it work for half an hour. After rinse with water and wash.

How to wash grease stains: all the ways?


It will help to remove stains of fat and simple table vinegar. It is required to dilute with water in the ratio of 1 to 1. Apply the composition on dirt and leave for a quarter of an hour. Then remove with water and wash things. In the course of working with vinegar, it is important to be careful.

Chalk powder.

This method is suitable for removing greasy stains from light-colored clothes from natural materials. Put a little dried powder on the dirt and leave for a couple of hours. After a while, the chalk is removed with a damp cloth, and the thing is erased.

Simple home remedies will easily cope with the pollution of fat. Enough to follow the rules of application.

Talcum powder and tooth powder.

Woolen clothing of light shades removes grease stains by these means. The thing is required to decompose and process the specks.A porous paper is placed on top, it is ironed with a warm iron. Then press down something heavy at night.

Blotting paper.

With this simple way you can save different tissues. The iron and a paper is applied. Clothes are laid out, and paper is laid under the bottom under the bottom of the stain, and another sheet is laid over the stain. Now the place is treated with a warm iron. Fat is soaked in paper, and the material becomes clean. Remember that if the dirt is large, then the paper needs to be changed.


With the use of ordinary salt, you can get rid of not just fat stains, but also many others. This is an easy and effective way that is used for many years. In order to eliminate the stain of fat, sprinkle it on top with salt and rub a little. When the fat is completely saturated with salt, it is enough to replace it. It needs to be repeated until the fat is completely eliminated. After that, wash in the usual way.

How to wash grease stains: all the ways?

Pulp and soap.

The white crumb from bread is capable to eliminate oil spots. After soaking the fat in the bread, the fabric needs to be washed in the soap solution. Such a method excellently removes velvety fabrics from greasy soiling.


By applying this remedy, fresh greasy stains are removed from dark-colored or variegated fabrics. To use the method mustard is placed in a container and diluted with water to obtain the consistency of sour cream. Now the composition is applied to the dirt for half an hour, and then the thing is washed off.

You should never smear stains with a napkin or towel. This will only increase their area.

Laundry soap.

One of the most effective methods is laundry soap. It costs little, but is able to cope with any kind of pollution. It has a lot of alkalis, which give the soap such remarkable qualities. In some cases, the effectiveness of soap even bypasses the finished powders. Stains from fat also belong here.

To eliminate grease stains from colored things, white shirts, etc., a piece of soap is needed that rub dirty areas. After the clothes are sent to the basin and filled with hot water. Leave in this form until the morning, and then wash. In almost 100% of cases, stains are eliminated.

The bachelor way.

Men invented another, equally effective, way of dealing with stains. They claim that shaving foam eliminates these contaminants.It is enough to rub the areas with it and let it work for 5 minutes.

How to remove old grease stains

Old stains are considered the most difficult contamination. Fat is able to soak into the fibers that it is almost impossible to remove. Especially since after it there are often hard-to-remove yellow spots on things.

How to wash grease stains: all the ways?

So, let's figure out how to remove the old grease stains and save your favorite thing:

Turpentine and ammonia.

First, let's test the heavy artillery - turpentine and ammonia. It is worth noting that these tools have shown themselves to be excellent in eliminating mold dirt. Here care is important in order not to spoil the colored fabric. First, check the strength of the thing by applying funds to an invisible area. If after 30 minutes nothing changes, then boldly lubricate the spots and leave for half an hour. After washing as usual.


Old stains try to eliminate glycerin. It can be purchased at any pharmacy. To get rid of grease stains, grease with dirt and wait 40 minutes. After remove the remnants of cloth and wash things.


If oil contamination “decorates” the carpet, then it is easily eliminated by using sawdust; they are moistened in filtered gasoline. It is enough to fill them with a stain and wait until the gasoline is completely dry.If the dirt remains, then the manipulation is repeated.

Try not to leave fat stains on clothes without treatment for a long time. But if this happens, then use proven methods of elimination.


Put dirty things in a basin and fill it with heated water. In it, pour half a glass of salt. Things should be washed and dried after salt is absorbed.


Can not I remove stains of fat? Then try a method using filtered gasoline. It is sold for refilling lighters. To begin, do a test in order not to spoil the fabric. Gasoline is applied for a quarter of an hour, and then the thing is washed.

How to remove a fat stain from different types of tissue

Now let's look at how to remove fatty spots from different tissues:

Remove stains of fat from a tissue of light shades helps with ammonia. To create a solution you will need to dilute the alcohol in 2 tbsp. cold water;
to clear the fat from silk, requires a composition of 1 spoonful of glycerin, 1 spoon of water and ½ spoonful of ammonia. Places with stains are moistened and left for 10 minutes, washed with warm water;

How to wash grease stains: all the ways?

gasoline will help to save wool fabric. They are moistened with a fleece or a rag and rubbed with a spot;
from velvet fabric, such stains are removed with the crumb of white bread;
Do you have dirt on your leather product? Mix the starch and refined gasoline in equal parts, apply to the areas and allow the gasoline to evaporate. The remaining starch shake off. If necessary, repeat the manipulation;
alcohol and turpentine help to eliminate fat stains from plush and velvet materials. But do not forget that the use of iron is prohibited here.

How to clean suede from greasy stains

Suede is known to be a very delicate material. And not all methods are suitable for its cleaning. For this reason, consider how you can clean the suede from greasy stains without losing the quality of the fabric:

The flour flour is particularly famous. Spots sprinkle it, press it with your fingers. After 60 minutes, the flour, absorbed fat, shaken off and replaced with a new one. Manipulations are repeated if necessary. Other similar methods are powder, talc or chalk;
dishware effectively removes oil stains. Stir it with water in a ratio of 1 tsp. funds for 1 tbsp. The solution should be whipped, and foam applied to the spots. Remove over time along with the dirt with a dry cloth.After that put means for suede fabric;

Some types of fabrics require a special approach to cleaning. And all the means are first checked on inconspicuous areas.

liquid soap and ammonia. In 1 tbsp. heated water dissolve 1 tsp. soap and 2 tsp ammonia. The composition is mixed, then applied to suede. Now hold the contamination above the steam for 3 minutes;
absorbent powders. Heat the powder in a dry frying pan and apply to contaminated areas. Now take porous paper and fold several times, laying on top of the spots. The paper should be pressed down and allowed to absorb fat for 3 hours. After the fat is absorbed by the powder, it is removed with a suede brush;
any mistress of the house there is salt. Requires regular cooking. Warm it in a frying pan and put it in a cotton fabric bag. It needs to be laid on the spot for half an hour. By the way, salt is replaced by river sand;
Often helps to cope with the pollution of fat filtered gasoline. Dampen a cloth and treat problem areas;
detergents. This method is used if, after removing stains on suede, small dirty areas remain.Any means for wool or other delicate fabrics will be required. To start, mix with water in a ratio of 1 to 4 and create a foam. Brush it on dirty areas in the direction of fiber growth.

How to remove a greasy stain from jeans

After a feast your favorite pants were soiled? No problem! Consider ways to remove the greasy stain from jeans. Here the role is played by speed. The less time passes from the moment of pollution, the easier it is to eliminate it:

The first method is synthetic means. These include tools for the gel consistency. It is poured in small quantities on the plots and left for half an hour. After such treatment, the dirt will be removed without a trace;

How to wash grease stains: all the ways?

The second method requires filtered gasoline. A few drops are applied and left for 10 minutes. Be sure to wash the thing after that;
will approach and purchase stain remover. They are smeared with cloth and left for a quarter of an hour, then washed;
Often, proven folk methods are used to eliminate stains. Many of them have been discussed above. Their plus is that they are natural. Potato gruel is also a great remedy.The raw vegetable is rubbed and thickly applied to the stains for 30 minutes. After that, the gruel is removed, and the dirt is cleaned with a hard crust of black bread.

When removing stains of fat, especially old ones, it is important to remember that some substances (turpentine, gasoline, alcohol, acetone) are poisonous and flammable. In addition, it should be attributed to the ready stain extractors.

If you are fighting pollution in the apartment, then be sure to organize carefully airing. Keep poisonous components in containers with tight lids. Leave them in hard to reach places.

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