How to update nod32 without internet

You will need
  • USB flash drive for the transfer of anti-virus databases, anti-virus databases.
Unpack the archive in a pre-created folder, for example, "C: \ Bases".
Open the NOD 32 control center. In the "update" menu, select "update". The Update window will open. Click "Settings" in the window that opens. The “Automatic Update Setup” window will open. In this window, click the "servers" button and the "Add" button. Specify the path to the folder into which you unpacked the NOD 32 database archive "C: \ BASES". Click "OK".
In the “Automatic Updates Setup” window in the “Server” menu, select the “C: \ BASES” path you entered. Click "OK", thereby closing the automatic update settings window.
Click the Update Now button in the Update window. Wait until the program updates its database. After a successful update, NOD 32 will report this. Later on, when updating the databases, delete all files from the “C: \ BASES” folder and unpack the archive into this folder.Then, to perform the update, you will not need to reconfigure the server, it will be enough just to click the "Update Now" button.

Date: 12.10.2018, 04:18 / Views: 64351

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