How to unlearn nail bite?

Anna Mikhailova
Anna Mikhailova
November 26, 2014
How to unlearn nail bite?

Some believe that nail biting is a habit of only children, but it is also present in many adults who have never been able to unlearn it. It is absolutely clear that she does not paint a person, therefore it is necessary to try to overcome her. There are several ways to do this.

Mechanical methods

Weaning to gnaw nails can help you effective and simple methods:

  • Horseradish and mustard. Try to lubricate your nails with one of these products throughout the week, then by the end of the 7th day of using this technique you will notice a positive result. After all, you will already understand that if you pull your hand into your mouth, then burning of the mucous and strong bitterness cannot be avoided, therefore you will become constantly in control of yourself.
  • Building up Do you want to unlearn elegantly nail bite? Then increase them - you will immediately have a beautiful manicure, which everyone will admire, and you, in turn, will feel sorry for spoiling it with your pernicious habit, so you will quickly forget about it.
  • Special coatings.Now you can easily buy transparent varnishes, which when dried form a layer with a bitter aftertaste on the nail plate. Thanks to this, you will soon say goodbye to your habit.

Psychological methods

You can also use psychological methods:

  • Switching attention. As soon as you pull your fingers into your mouth, immediately stop yourself, and then engage in some exciting business where your hands will be occupied. For example, you can take up knitting or drawing, start building a constructor, or start an exciting game on your computer.
  • Find an alternative. Try to hold in the hand of any object, it is better if it is a pencil or pen with a metal end. A couple of bites of such a product for a long time will discourage your desire to gnaw.
  • Specialist assistance. As a rule, such a habit of gnawing nails occurs because of a psychological problem. To identify it and resolve it yourself is not obtained by many, so sometimes it is better to contact a psychologist.

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