How to travel during pregnancy

The long-awaited journey depends on the duration of pregnancy. The most optimal period is the second trimester. At this time, no longer suffer from toxicosis, and a small stomach still allows you to maintain an active lifestyle.
It is necessary to have a rest in the company: husband, mother or best friend. Only in this way it will be possible to feel comfortable and safe.
When choosing a country for a holiday, you need to consider only those places where the climate is not fundamentally different from your region. You also need to take into account the fact that a long flight for a future mother is not recommended, even if she feels good and has no health problems, therefore, choosing a country that is not very far away is better.
Since active and especially extreme sports during pregnancy are banned, it is better to devote time on vacation to walking and swimming in the sea.This will not only give positive emotions, but also help strengthen the musculoskeletal system.
When taking sunbathing, you need to remember that in the period from 12 to 17 you cannot be in the sun, and in the morning and in the evening you must use protective equipment from the sun, and also not forget about a headdress, glasses and umbrellas. Also in the heat you need to drink as much pure water or fresh juice as possible, if they are not allergic.
Swimming in the sea should not lead to hypothermia. If this happens, you need to immediately warm up with tea, and then take a warm shower.
When choosing a hotel to relax, you must first focus on comfort: the bed should be comfortable, there must be air conditioning in the room. You should also avoid hotels with discos or other noisy night activities that interfere with comfortable sleep.
In the presence of exotic dishes, you must either give up on them, or try in small portions to avoid allergies or other reactions caused by unfamiliar products. This also applies to fruits and juices made from them. Water should be drunk only from bottles.
In some cases, the vacation will have to be waived if this is medically indicated. If the trip is approved by a doctor, it is necessary to issue insurance.In any case, we must not forget that when going on vacation in a position, responsibility will have to be borne not only for himself, but also for the unborn baby. Above all, there should be security and only then a desire to rest in another country.

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