How to tighten the brakes

You will need
  • - 13 mm wrench.
Motorists who realize the value of the "parking brake", as well as those who decide to change their attitude to this brake mechanism (from negative to positive), must constantly monitor its functioning. If the full tightening of the parking leverbrakeshappens between the fourth and sixth click, then nothing to worry about. But, as for those who have a discrepancy with the standard, they need to adjust the manual drivebrakes. As a rule - it comes down to tightening the cables.
Adjustment of the drive of the parkingbrakescarried out on a viewing pit, overpass or lift. The latter option is less desirable, because the rear axle hung creates difficulties associated with determining the degree of cable tension.
Then, from the bottom of the car, in the area of ​​the gearshift liner, above the driveshaft, it is necessary to find a bracket to which all three cables join. Two extreme go to the hubs of the rear wheels, and the middle cable at the end has a threaded tip with nuts, which we need.
We release the locknut and begin to tighten the adjusting nut with a 13 mm wrench, periodically checking the handbrake tightening torque. Recall that a noticeable force when tightening the manualbrakesshould appear on the third or fourth click, and on the sixth - the delay should be implemented completely. If the handbrake tightening continues beyond the specified limit, the adjusting nut is tightened again, continuing to shorten the length of the middle cable, pulling the handbrake.
Having achieved full manual tighteningbrakesno higher than sixth click, pulling up the parking actuatorbrakesconsidered complete. From now on, safety while driving on roads will be much higher.

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