How to teach a child to his bed

You will need
  • Baby cot, soft toy.
Remember that forbabyany change in the usual state of things is stress. Therefore, think in advance the whole plan of action. Try to make the process of habituation of your offspring to sleep alone, proceeded in the form of a game or a fun adventure. Then everything will go smoothly and your son or daughter will be able to easily get through the changes.
Tune in to the fact that you have to listen to tantrumsbabyand wipe his burning tears. Small children are stubborn and do not want to give up their positions without a fight. Therefore, do not give up and do not give in to children's whims.
Teachbabyfall asleep at the same time. Before going to bed, sing the baby his favorite song from the cartoon, tell a fairy tale, have a massage. You can put a soft toy on his bed.
If the baby refuses to sleep on his own and resorts to you from the nursery, put his bed next to his.Remove all the barriers between your and his beds. Pre-remove from the crib one wall. Havebabyit should give the impression that he continues to sleep with you, although he will sleep on his ownthe beds. Sleep like this for a month, but if you feel that the baby is not yet used, extend this period.
The child must get used tothe beds, mattress, pillow and blanket. It must take root in his mind that this is his bed. Love your bed or at least not afraid of it. Putbabyin his bed, you yourself lie down next to him - on your own. Pretend you're falling asleep. Over time, the baby will begin to calm down, believe that the mother will not leave anywhere and will quietly fall asleep.
Return the wall laterthe bedsinto place. The bed itself does not move anywhere. Now between mother and baby there will be a barrier - a wallthe beds. So sleep for two weeks.
After this time, begin to push the crib. First, the distance between your bed and his bed should not be large. So that, if necessary, you can easily reach your little angel with your hand.At this stage, your child will get used to sleep independently, but he will still have a desire to see his mother next to her.
Gradually move the bedbabyon meter from itsthe beds.

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