How to teach a child responsibility

Think of a teenager as a responsible person. Talk to him and others more often. Because the child in the estimates of himself will focus on the estimates of adults. If you are convinced: “He will never do anything himself, he must be forced all the time,” - your child will definitely also think and will not do anything without pressure. Try changing your internal negative attitudes to positive thoughts. And instead: "He is not able to make decisions." Let it be: "I trust the child, he can take care of himself and is responsible for his actions." If you truly believe this, the child will also believe, and therefore, it will act differently.
Do not confuse diligence and obedience with responsibility. Often parents dream that a child can answer for himself and his actions. But at the same time, they subject the adolescent to strict control and unquestioning obedience. But being responsible means making decisions at will, understanding the need for action and bringing it to the end. Have a littlebabyYou can train a sense of responsibility. For example, to give the opportunity to choose their duties (washing dishes, cleaning, caring for pets, etc.).
Do not rush to fulfill all desires and satisfy all the needs of the child. Because if a person constantly has food, it is always clean in the apartment, and clothes, books and money for entertainment appear at the right time, then he simply has no incentive to become independent. To avoid quarrels on this basis, agree with the teenager that you will gradually reduce your financial presence in his life. And better make the whole program for several months or years.
Do not hide from the child information about the money spent on it. Some parents believe that their offspring should have everything and do not consider how much it costs them. But when a daughter or son grows older, costs increase. And parents often have to limit themselves. And the child does not even know about it, getting used to the fact that all his needs are always satisfied.
Teach your child to handle money. To do this, first talk with him about how he represents his future, what his needs are, what salary he expects, etc.Then negotiate the rule of the report on all money issued by you and spent by it. So a teenager will learn to be responsible for spending and control their expenses. Of course, do not extend this rule to the money he earned on his own. And finally, help him go to self-sufficiency - find a suitable job, draw up a personal budget, rent a separate housing. Remember, the child must clearly know what means he has for a week (month).
Determine the age at which your child should support themselves. For example, let it be the age of 20 years or graduation. Agree in advance with a teenager about this and sometimes remind him: "In six months (a year or two) you need to find a job and pay your expenses." Be consistent and unwavering. Follow your decision, even if it seems to you that the child is not quite ready yet.
Do not give in to provocations. After all, it is quite natural that the child at first will try to return to the previous place, where they gave everything and did not demand anything.

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