How to start building a house in 2018

It is better to choose a site for construction with connected communications. If they are not there, then find out in the district administration how everything can be carried out and connected.
Roads to the selected site should be good. Otherwise, you will not be able to deliver the necessary materials, and having built a house, you will be knee-deep in the mud.
Having bought a plot, issue property documents on it. To do this, call the land management organization. They will hold the necessary list of works and will issue you technical documents. With them you must go to the registration center of land. There, on the basis of technical documents you will be given a cadastral passport to the site, with a cadastral number. With documents on the site and with the cadastral passport contact the state registration center for registration of real estate. On the basis of the submitted documents you will be issued a certificate of ownership of the site.
After receiving a certificate, you must contact the architecture department of the area where your site is located. There you will be given a building permit, will determine the place of building and will make an architectural plan of the building.
After receiving permission, bring all communications to the future home, if they are not completed.
Decide on building materials. Since the width of the foundation must be made on the basis of materials for the construction of walls.
Mark the foundation and dig the foundation pit. The depth of the pit should be based on the condition of the soil, based on the depth of freezing and the depth of the groundwater. First, call the experts - surveyors to determine all the subtleties of the soil in the area.
After pouring the foundation wall erect a month. This amount of time the foundation is gaining strength to withstand the load.

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