How to cover coniferous plants for the winter

Planted in the current year, coniferous plants do not have time to develop powerful rhizomes for a season and to get stronger for survival in severe winter conditions. Young landings need protection created in various ways using factory or improvised constructions.
 How to shelter conifers for winter

Optimal time for sheltering plants - dry weather, established with the arrival of stable cold. Protective materials are recommended to be placed on frames that ensure the integrity of the branches and the optimal mode of ventilation. We buy ready shelters.
 How to cover coniferous plants for winter
Purchased structures are ready-made kits that are easy to install and do not require additional attachments.Among the many options you can always find shelters that are suitable in shape and size.
 How to shelter conifers for winter
Frameworks These products are made of polymer or metal tubes, bamboo rods or fine-meshed meshes. Non-woven fabrics are used as a protective material that let in air and keep a dry atmosphere inside the shelter, for example, “Snapbond” or “Agrospan.” We cover the home-made frame with purchased material. Another way of organizing the winter shelter is a separate purchase the right amount of nonwovens, saving about half the money. In this case, the base for fixing the canvas is built with their own hands from a thick wire. Homemade arcs are set crosswise over the plant.
 How to cover coniferous plants for winter
Synthetic canvas is stretched over the frame and pin with wire pins.
Use wooden supports and burlap
 How to cover coniferous plants for the winter

For the manufacture of a simple frame, you will need four pegs two times the height of a concealed coniferous plant. The ends of the wooden slats are knocked down by a stud and set in place of the rack, resembling a compass. It is better to stick stakes in the ground in advance, without waiting for it to freeze.
 How to cover coniferous plants for the winter
With the onset of sustainable night frosts, the wooden base is covered with burlap, fixing the fabric with hairpins or stones bent from the wire.  How to cover coniferous plants for winter We collect spruce lapnick  How to shelter coniferous plants for the winter An excellent winter shelter is a lapnik,additionally saving plants from rodents. The air gap created under the thorny branches is well ventilated and less exposed to temperature changes. Lapnik is harvested exclusively from healthy trees, you can not use infected pine needles and transfer diseases to young seedlings.  How to cover coniferous plants for the winter Long spruce or pine paws are great for shelter - they are folded above the plant in the form of a tent, tied up with string. But the short shoots that remain after forming pruning of adult trees also go into action. First, wire arcs are installed over the bush. Then the framework is covered with cut branches.  How to cover coniferous plants for the winter The result is an ideal shelter saving winter coniferous plant from the ice crust.
 How to cover coniferous plants for the winter
Another advantage of tin-bark - it does notrotting and does not contribute to the reproduction of destructive microorganisms. Protecting the root system. The pristvolnye circles of coniferous seedlings are mulched with some kind of organic matter, filling the material with a loose layer not less than 5 cm thick. A mixture of soil and leaves is good for covering the roots . Left in the spring under a bush, it rotters and serves as an additional feeding.
 How to shelter coniferous plants for winter
Remaining in containers coniferous plants are added to the ground for the winter or a blanket of sawdust is arranged around them.
 How to shelter conifers for winter
Ground part sapling in protect any of the available methods.
 How to shelter coniferous plants for the winter
Each of the considered structures begin to be ventilated when the spring rays of the sun will melt the snow around her. First open the north side, and after thawing the protective material completely removed. Winter shelter for young coniferous plants is one of the means to increase the winter hardiness of planting.You should not take it as the only method to guarantee a safe winter. An experienced gardener always deliberately refers to the preparation of plants, paying attention to planting, watering and feeding.
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