How to sew overalls for dogs?

Strange as it may seem, dogs also need clothes, since miniature breed dogs often freeze and long-haired individuals get dirty. In order to avoid frequent washing and colds in your pet, turn your attention to various items of dog clothes, among which the most comfortable is found to be overalls. In this article we will figure out how to sew a jumpsuit for a dog, ranging from the construction of the pattern to the finished product. Overalls are of several types:

  • Waterproof (suitable as a winter for dogs with short legs and thick hair). It is best to sew such a jumpsuit from Bologna.
  • Overalls from light, slippery and bright fabric for the summer, which allow you to avoid the bites of ticks and other insects, as well as protect your pet's hair from burdocks. Before going into the woods such a jumpsuit should be treated with repellents for animals.
  • Winter overalls for dogs of various sizes are sewn double-layer. As a lining used fleece and sintepon.However, keep in mind that too thick overalls will impede the movement of your pet. This is especially pronounced in miniature dogs. Therefore, think about how to remove the sintepon from the sleeves and trousers, and for small dogs, sew the jumpsuit without any padding polyester.

We sew for a small dog

According to this pattern you can sew a waterproof or summer jumpsuit for a miniature dog.

  • Tailoring of any jumpsuit begins with a pattern. The pattern of jumpsuit for a small dog can be like this:
    Pattern jumpsuit for a small dog
  • Next, we need to measure the length of the back from the neck to the base of the tail. For greater convenience, you can put a collar on the dog, with which it is easy to determine where to start measuring.
  • Then build a grid to build patterns. Take a measure of the length of the back and divide it by 8 - this will be the side of the grid square.
  • Transfer the pattern from the pattern in squares to the constructed grid.
  • Cut the pattern out of paper and transfer it to the fabric, observing the specified number of parts. Kanty need to carve out for oblique. Do not forget to leave seam allowances.
  • Cut out the 9 parts and the belt (for the model with the drawstring).
  • Sweep the parts around: CO with C1O1, XY with X1Y1, DP with D1P1, E1D1 with E2D2 (start with E1). Similarly, sweep pair parts.
  • Try on a jumpsuit, adjust it to your dog�s shape if necessary.
  • If you sew a jumpsuit for a small dog with a belt, then sew a drawstring to it.
  • Sew through all seams on the machine, process the sleeves and the trouser legs, insert elastic bands in them.
  • Handle the neck and tail with the edging, insert the gum.
  • Sew on the fastener flaps. We recommend to use a fastener-linden, which provides the best fit of the jumpsuit on the dog.
  • For more convenience, putting on overalls to it, you can sew handles for which you can hold your pet when dressing, as well as pockets in which the handles can retract. In addition, you can insert a cord into the seams to adjust the size of the jumpsuit.

Hooded model

Pattern for such a jumpsuit is as follows:

Pattern overalls for dogs, with a hood

A jumpsuit with a hood for a dog is sewn like a regular one, except for the fact that a hood is sewn to the neck instead of a collar. To make the dog comfortable, make sure that the hood is of sufficient size; if necessary, you can insert an elastic band into its edge. The procedure for tailoring the hood is as follows:

  • Fold the faceplate details and sew
  • Having turned on the front side, work the part with a seam �to the edge� along the curved side
  • Sew the hood to the hood along the groove under its front edge

Visor can be bent, without disturbing the dog to look around.

We sew for a big dog

It is better to sew coveralls for large dogs out of bolonyvoy fabric, because it is practical, easy to clean and dries quickly. According to this pattern, you can sew as a waterproof jumpsuit for the fall, and lightweight summer or insulated jumpsuit for the winter.

Pattern overalls for a large dog

You will need to take measurements:

  • The distance from the neck to the base of the tail (A)
  • The distance from the neck to the front paw (B)
  • The distance from the neck to the hind paw (C)
  • Neck Girth (D)

The angles a and b on the diagram must be blunt (120-135 degrees), this will give the dog enough freedom of movement. Having built a pattern according to the taken measurements, we sew a jumpsuit for a dog. Open 2 identical parts from the material of your choice and sew them together, leaving the sleeves, legs, neck and tail opening unstitched.

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