How to salt the fat in a dry way

Modern nutritionists have long recognized pig lard as a useful product. Well, at least in salted fat, there is nothing but lard. But the composition of the sausages from the store can cause not only questions, but also digestive disorders. Therefore, it is better to buy a good piece of pork fat from a piglet that was fattened at home. After that, salt the lard in your own strength. Pork fat at home can be salted in several ways. The simplest of them is a dry salad grease. This fat is obtained not only tasty, but also useful. Lard, cooked by the dry method, is well and long stored without loss of taste. "style =" max- width: 100%; " alt="How to salt fat in the dry way">

It will be necessary for cooking

To cook the lard in the dry way:
  • good fresh fat 2 kg;
  • garlic 10 - 15 cloves;
  • salt, coarse how much will leave.
How to salt fat in the dry way

Salt the fat according to the recipe

1. Selected fat should not be washed if there are no leaks of blood and other contaminants on it.If they are, then the contaminated places can be cleaned with a knife, if it is a corner, then it is better to cut it and use it in other dishes. 2. A prepared piece of bacon must be cut so that the pieces do not break up. /medium/1528110240_2.jpg "style =" max-width: 100%; " alt="How to salt fat in a dry way"> 3. Grate fat on all sides with salt, not sparing it. It is impossible to oversalt good fat. Limit salt is necessary if the fat is very thin. It is not necessary to take fine salt, the taste of ready-made salty fat will be worse. "style =" max- width: 100%; " alt="How to salt fat in a dry way"> 4. Crush the garlic, chop it with a knife and spread it all over the fat, without forgetting the incisions. How to salt fat in a dry way 5. Wrap the fat in paper, put in a suitable container and send it to the fridge on the lowest shelf.
How to salt fat in a dry way
6. After a week, the lard with garlic dry salted will be ready. "style =" max- width: 100%; " alt="How to salt fat in the dry way"> If you like lard with pepper or spices, then it is better to sprinkle the fat before serving it. Otherwise, during long storage of salted greens, spices, including pepper, can change their taste.
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