How to repair tap

One of the common causes of valve leakage is the clogging of the space between the sealing gasket and the valve seat. The garbage gradually destroys the rubber gasket and, as a result, there is a leak. The gasket may become unusable due to the strong tightening of the crane.
Now let's proceed directly to the repair. Turn off the clamping nut. We turn the handle with the spindle from the body of the crane. Carefully inspect the gasket, if it has scuffs or tears, it should be replaced. To do this, unscrew the clamping screw of the gasket, remove the old one and install a new gasket, then tighten the gasket to the spindle with a screw.
Inspect the place of the seal gasket in the body of the crane. If there are burrs on the nest, this may cause a gasket to burst and must be removed. The saddle is rubbed with sandpaper, cut into rounds to the diameter of the hole. Insert the emery paper cups into the hole of the seat, then insert the spindle and, without tightening the clamping nut, turn it several times in different directions.Then check the result, if the burrs are not cut, repeat the procedure.
Sometimes the flow of water is observed between the spindle and the clamping nut. To eliminate the leakage, it is necessary to remove the old gasket and put a new one, then tighten the nut with force.

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