How to reduce wear

You will need
  • Filler materials
If you intend to apply antifriction additive to the oil, pay attention to the friction mode in the engine and in appearanceweara. Ignoring these moments, at best, you are wasting money. Much worse ifwearit becomes even more, the compression will fall, oil consumption will increase.
Most antifriction additives, according to the developers, the properties of the oil do not change. Therefore, if you apply these tools, then there will be no negative effect. It makes no sense to use such additives to reduce friction in the crankshaft bearings. From them in this case there will be neither harm nor benefit.
Keep in mind that additives can also give side effects. First of all, this is typical for substances that contain compounds in the solid phase (graphite, non-ferrous metals). And those additives that have toxic compounds in their composition can be not only harmful to the engine, but also dangerous to human health.
What should be the ideal additive? It is a compound that is soluble in a lubricant of synthetic origin and does not contain compounds in the solid phase. Such additives are preparations related to metal conditioners. Their properties practically do not affect the quality of the oil.
Today there are certain difficulties in choosing metal conditioners. Basically, this difficulty is to choose the best quality. It is not quite correct to raise the question of which of the filler materials will help to improve the interaction in the car's units, and which - not. After all, the effect of metal conditioners is based on the same physical principles, they are related in composition and have comparable performance characteristics.

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