How to quickly get rid of the boil

You will need
  • - cloth, a bag of salt, baked potatoes (onions), foil for compresses;
  • - hydrogen peroxide, alcohol, sterile gauze napkins for processing;
  • - chloramphenicol or streptocid for powder;
  • - sage, rosemary, plantain, St. John's wort for internal use;
  • - Aloe leaf, potato pulp for lotions;
  • - vitamins.
In order not to expose your health and life to danger, better conduct the treatment.boilunder the supervision of a physician, since there are known cases of the spread of the inflammatory process to vital organs. And an increased risk in this regard is created by boils on the face. But if circumstances do not allow you to seek medical help, observe all necessary treatment conditions.
Before getting rid ofboil, carefully inspect it. If he is not ripe, in every way contribute to this, but in any case, do not squeeze. Several times a day, make compresses from a dry warm cloth, heated salt in a bag, baked hot potatoes or onions. Usually after them the process of ripening is accelerated.At night for the same purpose, apply the usual foil, fixed with a bandage. Do not carry out any other impact on the boil until the moment of opening.
After ripeningboilwhen a purulent rod appears, pry the skin so that it opens. Rinse the wound carefully with hydrogen peroxide. Be careful not to leave pus, otherwise the healing process will occur much later. Treat the cleaned wound with alcohol, put chopped levomycetin or streptocide on it and cover it with a ironed gauze napkin or a sterile bandage. After 4-5 hours, repeat this procedure.
For quick skin healing afterboilseveral times a day make anti-inflammatory lotions from the pulp of aloe leaf, grated potatoes, chamomile. Apply them several times a day for 40-60 minutes. To improve blood circulation and eliminate the remnants of the inflammatory process, use heat compresses from dry tissue, hot salt in a bag or roll a hot egg. However, carry out these procedures only after the wound has fully tightened.
To quickly get rid ofboil, conduct local treatment on a par with internal.Brew and drink as an assembly or separately the grass of sage, rosemary, plantain, St. John's wort. Pour into a thermos 4 tbsp. raw liter of boiling water, leave overnight, and the next day take half a glass every 1-2 hours.
With multipleboilx use medication: “Amoxiclav” 1 tablet 3 times a day, “Dimexide” in the form of compresses 3 times a day, “Echinacea Compositum C” intramuscularly, 2.2 ml 2-3 times a week, Arnica ointment, topically to the affected places. Using these tools without a prescription, carefully read the instructions.
The causative agent of furunculosis is coccal flora. She inhabits the body of every person, but in different proportions with beneficial microorganisms. Under the influence of adverse, often weather, factors that caused hypothermia, immunosuppression occurs and, as a result, the proliferation of pathogenic bacteria. It is worth noting that the excessive enthusiasm for the sun also contributes to a decrease in protective forces. Therefore, in the treatment ofboilavoid exposure to these factors.
To increase immunity, start taking multivitamins.And, in addition, additionally drink the vitamins of group B, zinc and sulfur. To extract the same substances from food, diversify your diet with pumpkin seeds, cereals, sprouted wheat, cheese, cottage cheese, kefir, raw vegetables and fruits.

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