How to pump the ball?

Lyubov Polishchuk
Lyubov Polishchuk
January 30, 2013
How to pump the ball?

Regardless of the purpose for which the ball was acquired (football games, gymnastics, etc.), it should perfectly cope with the functions assigned to it. However, regardless of the purpose, the balls are sooner or later deflated, and everyone should know how to pump the ball, taking into account the characteristics that are characteristic only to him.

It is very convenient to pump up the ball with a car pump, which usually has a plastic nozzle, which is used to blow dust from hard-to-reach places. By attaching the plastic tip to the nipple, you can easily inflate the ball.

In the case of swapping a non-soccer ball, in order to avoid losing its original shape, you should not sit on it or kick it. If it is necessary to use a needle for the inflation process, then first a couple of drops of special oil are applied to the nipple hole, and then the needle is inserted. Oil is necessary to protect the nipple walls and valve from possible damage by the needle. To prevent drying out and give elasticity.Pump up the ball to the value indicated next to the nipple.

It is not recommended to use oils that are not intended for pumping the ball, as they can destroy the nipple. Needle for pumping should be perfectly smooth. And the use of a pressure gauge to control the internal pressure will help to avoid pumping the ball.

How to build a gym ball

Used for pumping gymnastic balls special pump, which often comes bundled with the ball, but can be sold separately. In situations where there is no special pump, a bicycle pump is also suitable for pumping. Only in this case, it would not be superfluous to stock up on a special needle for the balls.

How to pump a ball without a needle

In such situations, when you need to pump up the ball, and there is no needle, the use of a medical needle or an empty and clean rod of a ballpoint pen without a metal rod can be an excellent way out. In order for the improvised device to fit snugly into the pump tip, it (the tip) should be wound with electrical tape until the required diameter is formed. Using a sharp needle it is important not to pierce the product.

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