How to protect the garden and the garden from scab

The concept and signs of late blight

Late blightmost often affects cultures of the Solanaceae family (petunia, pepper, eggplant, tomato, potato, etc.). Often the fungus are prone to apple and pear. The main reasons for the development of the fungus is considered the shading of the site, high humidity and sudden changes in temperature.

Infection begins with the appearance of dark spots on the leaves of plants and stalks, as if burned out with a match. On the back of the sheet, you can observe a whitish down like a web of dust. In dry hot weather, specks dry up and become covered with a dark crust.

The inflorescences begin to turn black and dry. The development of the dispute continues from 3-16 days, then the fungus actively multiplies, leading to rotting of infected cultures.


Neither 30-degree heat, nor freezing is terrible for the fungus. Spores can be stored in the leaves, soil and fallen leaves for several years, affecting new crops and crops. Therefore, the first step in the fight against infection should betimely autumn cleaningplot from obsolete plants and leaves.

Methods of struggle and prevention

When planting shrubs, try to keep the bushes not too close to each other, maintain a distance of at least 1 m. In the rainy season and at high humidity once a week, spray the plants with a 0.2% solution of blue vitriol, combining with foliar nutrients. Do not overfeed cultures with nitrogen and phosphorus.


Treat waste and leaf storage areas with a 5% magnesium chlorate solution. When planting potatoes, carefully sort through the tubers to eliminate even a small rotten speck. Before planting, dig the soil with lime at the rate of 500 g / 1 sq. M. m. As a fertilizer, use a dark, ripened horse manure with chicken droppings.

Infected leaves and fruits should be immediately collected and burned. Prophylactic disinfection with permitted biological fungicides is allowed: "Fitosporin", "Baktofit", "Barrier", etc.

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