How to protect against forest mites

If you are going to relax in nature or get into the forest for mushrooms and berries, carefully consider your wardrobe. It is desirable that the minimal part of the skin, namely the face, remains open. Your head, arms, body, and legs should be covered with tight clothing.
Remember that ticks are very small creatures. They can easily get under your clothes even through the tiniest hole. Therefore, it is worthwhile to take the choice of shoes responsibly. Ideal for forest walks - high boots, ending in a tight, leg-fitting, elastic band. Pants must be tucked inside the shoes or socks.
Pay attention to the upper part of the clothes. The sleeves of your jacket should fit snugly to the top of the brush or end with a tight elastic band. Be sure to follow this rule. After collecting berries or mushrooms, you will often come into contact with the surface of the earth, where forest mites often live.
A high collar or cotton scarf tucked inside a jacket can protect your neck from forest tick attacks. In order to protect your head, take with you a light hat or cap.
No matter how ridiculous you look, but this type of equipment is best able to protect you from forest ticks.
For walks in the city park such equipment, of course, will not work. The best form of clothing that can protect you from ticks on the territory of the city is sportswear, which includes a light jacket, leotards and sneakers.
You can also protect yourself from forest mites with the help of repellents specially developed for this substance. You can buy them in hardware stores. Most often repellents are presented in the form of creams and sprays. Some of them can be applied directly on exposed areas of the body, others only on clothing. Some repellents scare ticks, others "dope" them, making it impossible to put a bite.

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