How to prevent ingrown nails


Narrow shoes

Most often, the nails grow on the thumbs. This is facilitated by a narrow model shoes, which, with prolonged wear, literally rounds the edges of the nail inside.

But this is not a reason to switch from loquette boats to moccasins. It is enough during the day to change shoes into shoes of another model. One pair of shoes must be changed to the one that has an anatomical shoe. Of course, if the nail is already rooted in the finger, but did not manage to lead to the suppuration of the skin, narrow shoes must be completely abandoned, because this will only aggravate the ingrowth.

Wrong pedicure

Pedicure does not tolerate experiments with the shape of the nail plate. In no case should the contour of the nail be rounded. The edge of the nail should always "lie" on the skin of a finger straight.

Forget about what is ingrown nails, allow a special set of pedicure accessories - straight scissors and files with large particles.

It is important to remember that the ingrowth of the nail can provoke any abnormal trimming of the growing edge. On the nail plate may form a hall, which when worn narrow shoes has all the chances to "curl up". To avoid this, it is best to trim the nails after the steaming bath.


Ingrown toenails can trigger foot and nail fungus. The striking effect is to change the structure of the nail plate, which becomes loose and exfoliated. Under the influence of the fungus, the nail can literally curl up into a finger, which leads to simultaneous ingrowth on both sides.

Only complex treatment of a fungus will allow to get rid of it. Independent treatments rarely produce results, so a doctor must prescribe a course of treatment.


Elemental injury can also be a provoking factor. Most often, the nails begin to grow in cases where the nail plate is cracked. Not always this damage can be noticeable to the naked eye. The problem may emerge much later, when the nail plate changes its direction of growth.

The situation can be prevented by a timely visit to the pedicure master to apply a correction plate on the damaged nail.In practice, this method has much in common with nails. The correction plate will allow you to give the nail the right direction for growth. The downside is that the plate will have to be changed often as the nail grows to complete alignment.

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