How to plant lilies?

Many lovers of lilies are wondering how to plant lilies correctly. After all, for this flower the correct planting is a guarantee that it will root well, and will soon delight with its flowering and aroma. Consider how to plant lilies in different conditions.

When to plant lilies

Most gardeners prefer to plant lilies in the summer, but if you want to see flowering this year, it is better to choose spring time for this. Several root vegetables can be planted in one large pot, then you get a beautiful blooming bouquet.

Important! Do not take too spacious a container, otherwise the plant will not bloom.

Next, perform the following sequence of actions:

  • Fill the first layer - drainage.
  • From above, you should put the soil mixture acquired in a specialized store, which includes a large amount of nutrients.
  • In the center of the fossa, place the bulb. Spread evenly rhizome.
  • It is necessary to fill in the lily only up to the middle.
  • In the pot should be no more than half the land. When the roots take out the stems, it will be possible to fill up.
  • Put in a dark, cool place until sprouts appear. As soon as the active growth of the plant begins, transfer it to the window sill from the sunny side of the room.

In the summer, fresh air should flow to the flower, so you need to open the window sash if you decide to plant lilies at home. We recommend reading the article about the time of the year when lilies should be replanted: When to replant lilies.

How to plant a lily in a pot

You will need:

  • A pot of suitable size (about 20 cm).
  • Drainage, river sand and earth.
  • Water.
  • Small scapula.
  • Lily bulbs.

How to plant lilies in the garden

Before you plant lilies in the garden, select the most appropriate place. Gardeners usually have a flower in the flower bed in the background, because popular varieties are tall. Before planting, it is better to plant medium-sized shrubs or flowers so that they cover the stems of the lilies, which can turn yellow. If you are going to plant a short, not more than 30 cm, then select the front beds or the container.

What is important to remember when landing

  1. Make holes with a depth of three diameters of the bulbs, be sure to more than 7-8 cm.
  2. The top layer of earth above the root is about 3 cm.
  3. If the soil structure is light, dig deeper.
  4. Depending on the soil base and flower varieties, the location will vary between 5-20 cm.
  5. Plant small roots at a distance of 11-17 cm from each other, and large and high - up to 30 cm.
  6. Liberally pour.

In order for the lilies to bloom regularly and fluffy, it is necessary to give them a firm place in the ground. Only after that they can be transplanted. On average, it takes four years for lilies to gain strength and become firmly rooted.

The best conditions for growing all varieties of lilies:

  • Lilies love loose nutrient soil with good drainage performance.
  • The plant does not like constantly wet land.
  • It is preferable to choose a sunny area.
  • Lime is not appropriate for this flower, so the soil must be acidified with peat.
  • It grows well on light loamy or sandy soil.

Plant bulbs need at the end of summer, when the heat begins to subside. It is very important to know how to care for lilies.

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