How to organize trade in secondhand

Secondhand is a profitable business. The main thing here is to approach the organization of business wisely. Suppose you already have a room and you have decided on suppliers. How to proceed? How to open a second-hand guaranteed to make a profit? There is an offer to briefly run through the main actions.

To the forefront will be the repair of the premises for the future store. Especially not to bother and make a stunning interior is not worth it. Anyway, the main part of the walls will be closed by shelves and drives with hangers. So act on your own discretion and based on your own capabilities. You can limit yourself to just a refreshing whitewash.

Now let's look at the trade equipment. It is offered in a large selection, but in reality you only need pipes for hanging hangers and several baskets. Take a look at the running shops of the same type and see how the sales area is equipped there.Maybe something in your case will also be acceptable. One thing that should not be done categorically is to go down to sales from bags, boxes and boxes. This does not inspire customers at all. Not every client is ready to go through mountains of unnecessary rags, instead of looking at neatly hung things.

Now about advertising. Its options are just the sea, eager to help in its organization - even more. In the choice of channels you are not limited, but here it is desirable to at least know what they are. Without what you definitely can not do, so it is without visualizing the room, that is, the sign should certainly appear. It can be any in execution, but with one condition - noticeable. The pillar sign, called by the people “spikach”, works well. However, the best advertisement for your store will be recommended advertising, which will be spread by your satisfied customers. You can resort to unaddressed mailing, spreading leaflets in the mailboxes of nearby houses.

And, of course, the lion’s share of success will be due to adequate pricing. If you sell cheap things, you should sell them by weight, and the price per kilogram remains fixed. When selling medium and expensive second hand, set a fixed price for each item.The process is time consuming, but it justifies the effort expended. Goods of the middle category can be sold on a weight with a variable price, which will be maximum on the first day of sales and minimum at the end of the week.

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