How to open a service station in Belarus

You will need
  • - package of constituent documents;
  • - room;
  • - equipment;
  • - wage-earners;
  • - business plan.
Choose the legal form of your business. The most convenient way to arrange an LLC is a limited liability company. In LLC can work from 2 to 50 people, the share capital is determined by the owners. When registering, it is enough to have 50% of the share capital, the rest should be formed within a year. Deposit the authorized capital to a temporary bank account. After registering the company you will transfer them to a permanent account.
Make a business plan, in which carefully calculate all the possible costs and the estimated payback period. If you are afraid that you can not competently do it yourself, use the services of a business analyst.
Pick your company a sonorous, memorable name and convenient location, for example, near the highway. Agree on them at the regional executive committee or Minsk City Executive Committee (for Minsk), and then begin to prepare a package of constituent documents.Be sure to browse the Internet for information on supporting small businesses - you may be able to participate in a program that will allow you to recoup part of your investment at the expense of the state or provide some tax benefits.
Pay at the bank registration fee. Write an application for registration of the company, it must be personally signed by all the founders directly to the registering authority. After that, submit the collected package of documents. Usually the procedure is formal, therefore, if all the necessary documents are available, it is carried out on the same day. Within five working days, your company will be registered with tax authorities, statistics agencies, social security funds, etc., and you can start working.
In addition to solving legal issues, consider the practical side of your activity. Customers of car repair shops want to get quality service, which is impossible without good equipment. Even the best professionals will not be able to work well without the necessary tools. Compressors, painting, washing, tire fitting equipment, welding units, lifts - all this will have to be purchased, so you should estimate the financial side of your project in advance.Of course, a car-care center may also have some kind of narrow focus, according to which equipment will be selected for operation. Properly selected tools - half the success of the case.
The most popular type of auto service is tire fitting, as most drivers change tires on their car several times a year. Start working with tire is also beneficial because this service does not require large financial costs for the purchase of equipment.

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