How to make the network environment

If you are using Windows 7, then access to the appropriate installation can be obtained through the Control Panel. Open the main menu by clicking the "Start" button or pressing the WIN key and select the "Control Panel" item in it.
Enter the search term “personalization” in the appropriate field, and then in the search results, click on the “Personalization” line. In the next window, click the "Change Desktop Icons" link in the left pane. As a result, the Control Panel will open for you the “Desktop Elements” window, with settings for displaying labels of several system components placed on it.
If you use Windows Vista, you also need to start the control panel from the main menu of the operating system. But there is no search engine in the panel of this version, so you need to go to the “Design and personal settings” page and click the “Personalize” link there. On the page that opens as a result,Click the "Change Desktop Icons" link in the left pane. In this way, you will open the same “Desktop Elements” window.
And if you are using Windows XP, then start by right-clicking on the background image anywhere on the desktop. In the context menu that appears as a result of this action, select "Properties". A window will open in which you need to go to the “Desktop” tab, find the “Desktop Settings” button at its bottom and click it. This sequence of actions will lead you to the same “Elements of the Desktop” window.
Whichever of the listed systems you use, in the “Elements of the desktop” window you need to find the section “Desktop icons” in the upper part of the “General” tab. Check the box corresponding to the “Networkenvironment"(Or simply" Network ") to enable its display. Having done this, click the “OK” button and in this way commit the change to the OS settings.

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