How to make cashless payments

Contact the bank to open a current account through which the non-cash will be carried outcalculation. Provide a passport or other document that certifies your identity, an application for opening an account, a card with a sample signature, and other documents that are negotiated with a bank employee. After verification of the documents submitted, you will enter into a bank account agreement and provide a current account for use.
Carry cashlesscalculationby means of a payment order, which specifies the details of the recipient of funds, the payer, the amount of the payment and its purpose. The document is compiled in two copies, one of which is returned to the payer, and the second is transferred to the bank teller.
Register in the bank to your current account the ability to manage through Internet banking. This will greatly simplify the process of transferring funds, since you only need to have a computer and access to the Internet. Go to the bank's website and go to the secure connection section, where enter your login and password.In some banks, you will need to specify a security code, which, upon authorization, comes in the form of an SMS to a phone or an email. Next, select the section "Create a payment order" and enter all the necessary details. Document processing takes some time, so in case of an error you can always cancel it.
Use for cashlesscalculationand a plastic card. Money transfer can be made through ATMs of the bank or via the Internet. There are many online services that provide the ability to conduct online purchases through a plastic card. To place an order for non-cashcalculationit’s enough to know your card details and confidential confirmation code.

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