How to make an electric guitar?

Making a musical instrument with your own hands is a matter that requires patience and the availability of certain materials. But, if you know how to make an electric guitar - material costs in this case will be significantly lower than when buying an electric guitar, for example, in a store. A good tool can be bought for a small amount of money, an alternative to this is the independent making of a tool for the soul.

Guitar Material

The choice of material from which the guitar will be made is of utmost importance. Not all wood species are suitable for this purpose. It is better to opt for a pine. Why pine, not oak, for example? In order to make a high-quality instrument with a sound sound, made of oak, you will need to listen and sort through several hundred boards. Here you need professional experience. How to make an electric guitar with your own hands - it is better not to use oak.

So, choose a board. We need to look at how the fibers are distributed. The more symmetry, the better. The color of the board should be as light as possible.From several samples of pine boards, you need to take the lightest shade, then the material properties will correspond to the goal. The dark color board is made of wood core and is not suitable for making musical instruments. Selected board need to listen. To do this, tap the surface with your fingers and determine the quality of the sound being produced. If you like the sound, then the material for the guitar is selected.

Next you will need the following tools:

  • hacksaw,
  • plane,
  • manual jigsaw,
  • Scherbel, Schehebel,
  • crosshead screwdrivers
  • large carpentry vice,
  • knives, pliers,
  • nippers, files,
  • electric drill,
  • compressor spray gun,
  • eccentric grinder,
  • drills for drills for metal - 2, 3, 6, 9 mm, and for wood - 12, 19, 22, 26 mm.

The jigsaw should be accompanied by a file with a wide blade for direct sawing and with a 4 mm narrow blade for figured cutting of wood. For a milling cutter, 2 straight mills of 12.7 mm and 6 mm are needed. You will need tapes for coarse grinding (from Р-36, Р-40, Р-80, Р-100), as well as for fine, cosmetic grinding (from Р-100 and higher).

Manufacturing features

If everything you need is available, you can proceed to how to make an electric guitar from the available material.We take the Stratov typewriter, the single in Nek, the humbucker in the bridge. The neck will be made of ash, with anchor tab on the back side, and without lining. We start to make the body of the guitar. An indispensable condition for the manufacture of a good body is the absence of two irregularities, chipping and knots on the surface to be glued. To achieve this, you need to put the boards one on another in a pile, clamp them with a vice and treat both surfaces for gluing as one using a grinder or a plane. Then the boards are pulled out of the grip and, after careful fitting, are glued together. The process of gluing is time consuming, but it must be done carefully.

After the glued board has dried, you need to draw a contour with a pencil - the shape of the future guitar, along this contour will be sawing with a jigsaw. It is necessary to make a very precise and neat layout, to think over all the lines of the body bends so that the shape cut out from the blank is as correct as possible. Then using the ruler make markup for the neck. You can use a ready-made neck, then the groove for it is quite simple to make. The main thing in the methods of how to make an electric guitar with your own hands is that the dimensions of the neck, its thickness and other parameters you need to know before cutting out the body.

If the neck is made independently, you need to take two boards of ash and one of pine. This will be the head, which is made by the floor tilt of 16-18 degrees. After careful consideration of the parameters, markup is made, then sawing and gluing. In order to achieve high-quality bonding, you need to use a vice.

When the neck blank has dried, an anchor rod is made. To do this, use a rod with a thread at the ends, washers and nuts. To make a groove under the rod, a milling cutter with a mounted guide is used, with a groove cutter of 6 or 8 mm. This is necessary for greater evenness. After that, the workpiece on the markup of the jigsaw is narrowed down to the upper nut. Next, you need to cut the head and drill holes for splitting. The head is glued to the fingerboard and clamped with a vice to dry.

The last stage of work in how to make an electric guitar is to hide the anchor rod. You need to prepare a homogeneous adhesive mass of sawdust and PVA and fill it with a groove with a rod, after checking the tightening of the nuts on the threads. Everything should dry well. Further, finishing varnishes and paints are used.

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