How to make a resume

Before making a resume, it is necessary to define its clear structure. Beautiful and well-formed text of any document is better perceived and analyzed. Different blocks of information should describe their specific topics.
At the beginning of the summary should be placed personal data, including complete information about the name, surname, patronymic, age of the applicant. Current contact information should also be indicated.
The title of the position for which you are applying should be indicated immediately after the personal data. Here it is necessary to pay attention to the complete coincidence of the vacancy name, which is indicated by the employer, since the erroneous spelling may leave an incorrect impression of the resume.
Next - information about yourself as a specialist, fully consistent with this vacancy. Provide information about your knowledge and skills, as well as the basic skills that are most important for getting a job.
Important information about education.It is customary to indicate educational institutions and the form of education in the reverse order, starting with the last place of study. Briefly reported on the full name of the educational institution, the date of receipt and its termination, as well as the assigned qualifications.
The next item you need to place experience. As a rule, the HR Manager is interested in information about recent jobs for a period of five to ten years. When describing experience, it is necessary to indicate information specifically and briefly, and it is also desirable to indicate, in addition to the duties performed earlier, your achievements.
Additional information is indicated mainly only if it is required by the specifics of future work. Such information may include: a driver's license, knowledge of foreign languages, experience with computer and office equipment, and so on. In the additional information it is also allowed to indicate brief information about marital status, about active hobbies.
For convenience of familiarization with the data of the applicant, it is recommended to place all the information on one printed sheet.It is necessary to draw up a resume using a legible and readable font on a white background (various light background colors are allowed). It is advisable to use text formatting to create its external attractiveness.
Helpful advice
When sending a resume by e-mail, the rule of good tone is considered to be the coincidence of email addresses: the address from which the message is sent and the address specified in the resume in the contact details section.
The e-mail should contain the accompanying text and an attached summary file, having the name in the form of your last name. In the cover letter you can emphasize your interest in the vacancy and willingness to cooperate.
When making a resume, go to the site of the intended place of work and try to find information about its preferred form and requirements for registration.

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