How to make a pool with your own hands


Types of pools

Before you think about the construction of the pool, it would not be superfluous to think about alternatives. A backyard pond can replace a frame pool that does not require a ditch device or even a children's inflatable structure.

However, if functionality and durability are among the target qualities of the pool, the homeowner needs to install a high-grade reservoir.

First you need to decide on the type of engineering systems of reservoirs. They are of two types: skimmer and overflow. The main difference for the consumer is that the overflow basin keeps the water level with the level of the board. At the skimmernogo water level is 15 cm below the side of the board.

If you omit all engineering subtleties, then the consumer should be aware that overflow pools cost about 30% more expensive than the living room systems, while the former require a sufficiently large space under the bottom of the bowl for laying the system.

At the same time, the installation of complex engineering equipment, in addition to its high price, requires skilled installation.Therefore, for self-installation is better suited to the usual connection to the drainage system. In this case, the pool will have to fill in a manual way.


First of all, you should decide on the location of the pool. Optimally, leave enough space for passage from the edge of the reservoir and the fence. The depth of the bowl is determined by those who will eventually use the pool - children or adults.

It is better to arrange the pool as close as possible to the plumbing system, which will save money on the construction of communications.

Foundation pit

Having decided on the size and location, it is necessary to proceed to the organization of the pit, the bottom of which should be one and a half meters higher than the final depth of the bowl.

The walls of the bowl are installed with a slight expansion - by 3-6 degrees, which will reduce the load on them.

The next stage - sand is poured into a layer of 30 cm on the pre-compacted bottom soil. At this stage, the place for the drain pipe is determined and an appropriate hole is installed.

Next lay layers of waterproofing. Practice shows that it is enough to lay a double layer of roofing material with bitumen mastic or use other waterproofing agents.

Next, formwork is installed in the technical niches, the steel mesh is installed, which is subsequently filled with concrete. According to the technology, the first layer falls to the bottom. Following the composition is applied to the walls.

After the concrete has completely set, the formwork is removed. Walls and the bottom with a paint brush are treated with water and cement.

Alignment of walls and decoration

If the walls of the bowl have irregularities, they should be sealed with a mixture of cement and sand. Do not neglect this work, because the flatness of tile or mosaic laying will depend on it. At the next stage, the walls and the bottom of the bowl are treated with a waterproofing composition based on polymers.

Facing the walls and the bottom of the pool can be made using mosaics, tiles with a level of moisture absorption not above zero or special PVC films. And the last option is the most simple and aesthetically attractive.

Tiling technology has its own characteristics. It is necessary to use special waterproof types of glue and seams. Laying tiles begins with the top edge of the walls and ends at the outer corners of the bottom.

Installation of equipment begins after the completion of all construction work. Before operation, the condition of the system and the stability of the bowl must be checked by experiment. The bowl is filled with water and remains for 5 days. If the surface of the bowl is not deformed, then the pool is ready for operation.

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