How to make a log house for a bath in 2018

Log houseforbathscan be done from timber and logs. We suggest you dwell on the first option, especially if you are a beginner in this business. It is worth noting that the log cabin forbathscan be done immediately on the spot, in contrast to the already mentioned log of logs.
Revelation of timber.
After long-term storage, rejection of timber is obligatory. In this case, you should definitely pay attention to the fact that there are no deep cracks in the beam (equal to its half). Pay attention to the need for no obvious signs of rot on the surface and the ends of the timber. Also, do not use for the construction of timber, which is clearly visible wormholes. The surface of the beam should be as flat as possible - do not use bars, "screws."
Bookmark timber, further installation.
Spread thin slats in 25-30 centimeters on the surface of the foundation and begin laying the timber directly on them. Reiki is necessary so that the timber does not touch the concrete, because it will last longer.Before joining the bars, do not be lazy to check the horizontal surface of the first crown - because it is decisive. Further installation will be easier, however, horizontal position is still worth checking regularly.
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Remember that the timber will also have to caulk, for which you will need a caulker and a hammer.
Helpful advice
1. Bars that have not been degraded can go to the boards.
2. Do not forget to leave openings for windows and doors when building a log house for a bath.

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