How to make a ball out of a snake Rubik?

Everybody since childhood has long been familiar to Rubik's Cube. Everyone tried to add him, who was more and who was less successful, but in any case the process turned out to be very fascinating. However, not everyone knows that Erne Rubik, the creator of the cube, also invented a snake, from which you can create a variety of geometric figures. Among the many puzzles Rubik's snake is very popular. From it you can make more than four hundred different figures, thus, developing spatial thinking.

We will tell you how to make a ball of a snake Rubik. At first glance, this may seem complicated, but you will succeed if you strictly follow the scheme we have proposed.

How to make a snake ball?

In order to make a ball of Rubik's snake you will need:

  • The snake itself, which can be purchased in any of the shops with puzzles.
  • A little time and attentiveness.

Before you start work, fold the snake in a straight and flat line.We will collect the ball only on one side, so take it in your hand. As a result, in your left hand you should have an extreme triangle.

Now turn the snake around this extreme triangle. Each of the parts must rotate 90 degrees and only once. Do not miss a single detail, carefully and carefully rotate them in order. Bear in mind that you can only turn the “tail”, but the part about which you twist should always be fixed.

Snake Ball Assembly

Everything is very simple, the main thing is to turn each part in its direction:

  1. Turn left to the left

  2. The second - to the left

  3. Third right

  4. Fourth - to the left

  5. Fifth - right

  6. Marching - right

  7. Seventh - to the left

  8. Eighth - right

  9. Ninth - left
  10. Tenth - left

  11. Eleventh - right
  12. Twelfth - left
  13. Thirteenth - right
  14. Fourteenth - right
  15. Fifteenth - left
  16. Sixteenth - the right
  17. Seventeenth - left
  18. The eighteenth - to the left
  19. Nineteenth - right
  20. Twentieth - to the left
  21. Twenty first - right
  22. Twenty second - right
  23. The last part is to the left.

That's all, your ball and snakes are ready. In all this process, you need to remember the main rule: always twist, starting from the next part and be careful.


By the way, you may have noticed that in the scheme there is a simple and clearly defined sequence: in one and the same direction it is necessary to rotate the part every two steps. These turns always alternate; if you start from the right, the left will go on.

It is enough to assemble a ball of a snake several times according to the instructions, and you can do it even blindfolded and you can proceed to the following structures.

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