How to lose weight with water

Every day, drink at least one and a half liters of plain drinking water. Before the next meal, drink one glass of water half an hour before it. Do not heat the water before taking it and do not drink it too cold. Water for successful weight loss should be exclusively at room temperature.
If you are visiting a cafe, a restaurant, take a bottle of mineral water with you or ask them to bring you water before they bring in the ordered lunch.
Drink water either boiled and cooled to room temperature, or from a glass bottle. Plastic packaging is not the most healthy type of packaging.
To make the fresh taste of water not boring you, sometimes add to your choice of drinking water: a slice of lemon or lime, vanillin, a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar or grape. Do sometimes for a variety of raisin water. To do this, pour two handfuls of washed raisins in a thermos with boiling water, let it stand overnight. The next day, drink like regular water.
In order not to forget to take the next portion of water, in the morning, set up a carafe with a full volume of liquid for the whole day. By 19.00 the entire daily volume should be drunk.
In that case, if you prefer mineral water, then use its non-carbonated species, since carbon dioxide in mineral water causes belching and bloating, increases the formation of kidney stones.
Many confuse hunger and thirst. Try, if you want to lose weight, sometimes instead of eating, just drink water and listen to your body. The feeling of hunger is likely to go away with a glass of water. And you need to eat in this case when the water does not give a feeling of satiety.

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