How to lose weight in 58 years.

Good afternoon, Natalia, tell me how a little 5-7 kg to correct weight, height 162 cm, weight 73kg.

The endocrinologist did not write out a small node, hormones are fine. Is it possible to somehow accelerate the metabolism.



There is no huge difference in the rules of weight loss in the United States before and after menopause. Both there and there the nutrition should be balanced, diverse, with a sufficient amount of protein and fat. By the word protein should be about 1.3-1.5 grams per kg of weight; fat 1.2 grams per kilogram of "ideal weight" calculated by the formula Divain. Best of all is to work with a competent nutritionist who will select the proper nutrition. But it is important to understand that food should be a pleasure, not a heaviness in the stomach. In addition, you need to remove snacks. At the same time, the main meals will be 350-450 grams. Completely exclude simple carbohydrates and foods with high glycemic and insulin indexes. Well, physical activity - 10 thousand steps daily. And the main thing is to do everything gradually, weight reduction of 250-500 grams per week is an excellent result.


Thanks for the answer, I will try, I go every day in the right direction, competent advice inspires.

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